Friday, 16 November 2012

Post cards from the edge pt 3

We was on the telly.....

We done a few children in need things. Jam jars decorated x5, Weeny wore spots to school and I bought cakes. We also went to The Alnwick Garden to see Pudsey. We waved on Telly.

We are making xmas cards tomorrow as well as swimming and collecting a chest of draws via freecycle.

Biggles home. Happy times.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tagged 11 things and questions

Tagged by Foster Mummy from My Beautiful Life!

Here are the rules: 
  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you
  • list 11 questions for the folk you are going to tag, and they should have fewer than 200 followers if possible
  • don't back-tag

11 things!
I can teach aerobics. ha ha ha ha long time ago
I nearly lost the little finger on my right hand and had to give up a nursing course because of it. I like the way five fingers look on a hand funnily enough. Separated from Weeny's Dad so went back to the old career which is 9-5.
I love equatorial weather.....warm and clammy and hot everyday.
I had two puffs of gas and air then refused any more as it was making feel sick so was 99% natural child birth from start to finish.
I breast fed for far too long lol-  that's me and me feeding weeny girl Bah don't care! Both of us have stopped now lol.
I am half scottish and half jewish which should according to stereotypes make me the tightest person with money ever.. sadly they cancel each other out.
I hate grammar and am very lax in my blog posts. ! Same with spelling. I am lazy when it comes to correction.
I was a member of CND and Green peace how on earth did I end up with the bloke in the mi
I get obsessive about good TV and will watch certain programme religiously. Do not come between me and the following - Homeland, Home Front, Hebburn, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and SVU.
I am fascinated by Mormons and their IMO mad crazy beliefs
I read fantasy books in secret. George Martin at the moment.

1. In which month is your birthday?

December! The very last day in the year!

2. What is your favourite colour?


3. What one thing do you wish you could change in your life?

Being so crap at reproduction! I am fecund but shite at growing babies.

4. What is your biggest regret?

Hmmm difficult one - probably buying a house when I should have rented and saved money and worked part time. See blog posts! Though other stuff not so much as I wouldn't have the lovey elements of life that are Weeny girl and the Biggles.

5. What do you feel is your Christmas tradition?

There are many - see blog posts. I really enjoy collecting detritus with weeny girl to make our door wreath.

6. Which part of your body do you dislike the most?

Thighs - large and  always have been and always will be! Large muscles at their best and covered in a thick layer of the dreaded stuff at their worst.

7. Which celebrity would you take out for dinner, and why?

Hmm lots though I would say....Mo Farrah- interesting journey, Germain Greer - a life well lived and Frankie Boyle as he is an arse. Maybe not all of them at the same time.

8. Who was your favourite teacher at school, and why?

Mrs Edgar - History teacher in 1-3rd year. Was a lovely woman and believed in all her students and made history live!

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Blogging lol - walking in wide open desolate wilderness places when I get the time. Moors and Hills, mooching around a car boot, cooking and the watching of good films.

10. I'm coming for dinner: What will you cook for us to eat?

Carbonara - can be minus the meat with HM garlic bread and fresh salad bits preferably picked fresh from the garden when I get round to growing them, Pavlova to finish. Don't be doing dieting! or meat feast of beef bourginon in the winter ( Sp) not a frugal version if I am feeling rich! Might as well make it a super good un every occaisionally- nice beef, well reared and wine and bacon and onions and mushrooms in a  very rich source with perfect mash potatoes- well I would try to get hte lumps out.

11. What are you planning for your garden next year?

Hedges to cordon off the compost heap and vegetables if I can get the cats to stop crapping like mad crapping things all over the place.  Can they please crap in someone elses back yard like cats are supposed too! ( Not) Salad veg, carrots and potatoes.

11 questions


1. What frivalous thing if anything would you ban in the world. Caveat - must be something silly like for eg The jelly in pork pies. I get the pastry and I get the meat but there is no need for the jelly!!!!

2. What was the  last thing that made you cry with laughter?

3. What book have you read and enjoyed that you would prefer not to admit to?
(Mine was the twilight series- saddo)

4. Where would your dream holiday be?

5. If you could change your name - first middle or last name what would you change it to?

6. Football - does it have a place in the world. Discuss.

7. Favourite song from your teenage years.

8. First kiss and where are they now? Names can be changed to protect the innocent or ''pass'' is also perfectly acceptable.

9. Favourite bargain

10. TV advert you actually like

11. TV advert you would ban

I am a techno biff and can't work out how to tag but feel free to pass it on!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Xmassy Time stuff

Now that the Halloween and Bonfire night and Armisticeday/ Rremembrance Sunday is over we hurtle towards Christmas. We have in addition this year Children in Need. CIN is going to be at Alnwick Garden this Friday and its free so though Weeny and I would pop along. We are taking as requested jam jar lanterns as they hope to light up the grand esplanade with lanterns. Christmas a recap what do we do..... let me think....
Alnwick Garden

General Stuff!
Making our own cards - Cheap and fun and uses up last years and donated cards

Advent  calendars - one for sweets and one for pressies. Auntie- My sister started this one. I had one for sweets which is simple. We only do tiny second hand bits both collected and donated.

Having two trees - Biggles had one so did I and we make sure they fulfill their Xmas destiny each year! My tiny living room looks like a plastic forest but bah small girl likes it.

Making our own door wreath from detritus - special walk to gather up the bits from various good spots and woods.

Santa visit  at The Alnwick Garden- been pricey in recent years so may give this one a miss. Last year was naff as well for what it cost! Will def be giving it a miss. Skint! With a capital SK!

The watching of silly films- its a wonderful life in particular. A must! MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET IN BW ALSO A GOOD ONE.

Church - We try being left footer RC types and  apparently if you are going to celebrate it you gotta bring in the JC somewhere eh! Though am a bit at odds with RCdom and their stance on gay marriage and such.Hmm I will go for Weeny but have issues.
Biggles Birthday - We have Pavlova with candles! Early December! Trial run and practice for making pavlova on Christmas Eve - well the meringue bit.

Nativity stuff at School. Awwww

Solstice celebrations - fire outside, lots of cooking ( Brownies and Biscuits) and a special song to say goodnight to the Holly King and welcome in the oak tree king danced around the fire outside.
Brownies and Christmas shortbread biscuits - One made by me with hazelnuts and the other by weeny with festive cutters. Good day to make your biscuits and stuff and bits to go with.

Xmas Eve
The tracking of Santa via Norad! Xmas  eve with Weeny!

The eating of fajitas on Christmas Eve - Biggles would work late Xmas Eve when based here so he could have Xmas day off. Stay up late with Weeny and eat Fajitas around 10pm. This year he will be home or we may be returning from Sheffield on 24th but will have fajitas!

On The day - Food!.
The Corn fed Free Range Chicken from the Butchers- and chipolatas and streaky bacon. Still loads of meat which does for Boxing day or soup and always the cats.
Pea soup - starter. Frozen pea soup. Very green and cheap and light. I make bread to go with it
Pavlova/meringue thing for pudding with special strawberry sauce- I freeze nearly mushy going off strawberries to save for the sauce.

Up early - We have stockings - Sorry Biggles and Weeny have stockings. I try to get her to leave some pressies (wrapped ones) till evening so as to stretch the day out a bit but invariably fail. it will work when she is older.

Doctor Who Xmas Special - the only thing we watch, well maybe a bit of the queen too.

Boxing Day - we are invariably travelling or sans Weeny who is with 'The Others'
We visit Scotland and Sheffield over the week. Its busy.

BC- Before Child I used to like to go away preferably somewhere hot and Islamic to avoid the whole damn lot of  it! Malaysia, Borneo and Tunisia is good for this! Also Prague though while Christmassy does not shut down. Metro still runs etc. Went to the Opera on Christmas day. La Traviata which was ace. I was much younger and mooched about in a long coat wearing sunglasses while wrapped up, drinking black coffee, Czech beer and smoking pretending to be European and watching Jazz musicians. Highly recommended. Not the smoking though.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Our Sunday

After a hearty breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and toasted home made bread we were ready for the remembrance day services. Biggles in full kit and me trying to look smart.

Lovely service. Good hymns. Much to feel lucky for and reflect on. Will add pics once I ve worked out how to anonymise. Rules re the chap in uniform etc etc. Not mine thems the rules of the millitaries but I am very proud!

Bah ! Off to train station yet again. One day eh! We are thinking on it adn next postings and such. Much to deliberate upon!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lest we forget......

Busy days. Collecting Biggles Uniform for tomorrows Rememberance Services and parade. Its also a nice way to remember my Dad as he was RN. Died long time after WW2 but I like to remember him as the strong chap he was. He would approve.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Some swearies and lovely things

Bargain Thorntons Morrisons

Check Morrisons. Bargain small box of Thorntons chocs RRP 6.99 now 2.50. I bought 4.

In which I have much to think on....

In session today ie counselling we worked on making time for the personal demons.

I need to give myself space apparently . I agree. I need to work on how I will feel in different futures - the one I least want being the one I need to think about and I agree. Cleverly the Counsellor recognised that I don't make space for this. I am a forwards kinda gal - get on with it being the mantra. Laugh at it make it humorous. I find humour in everything. Default position. I gloss over with flippancy so that I don't face shit as its pants and crap and hurts.

How will I feel at 65 not having had a baby with Biggles. Hmm Can of fecking worms. On my death bed that will be my only true regret. The rest yadda yada oh and if I look back and have been a shite parent to Weeny girl that one too will be a death bed regret. I put the death bed bit into it not the counsellor. I am very black and white and  grey to quote a blog is lovely lol See am doing it again I can't help my self! Default position- ridicule ones feelings! its all shades of grey and my life also. It ain't that simple especially in my head.

Sigh so am off to try to do the what if thinking. And probably some crying if I can. Not easy. I gulp it back down again. I am a most stubborn client/ It takes me a good hour to get to the point then its time to go.

I have a fortnight till the next one as I am in work next week to orchestrate the office move about at the other campus. I have joiners and caretakers and some shifting to do my self with my other darling colleague. I am the boss but they are colleagues. Not people who work for me. And we are all over qualified and have a plethora of experience.

No need for sympathies Blogosphere its good to think and cry. Its part of the process. Am trying to avoid the sink. Don't want it happening again. I just need to find the space and time to do it!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Freecycle round up!

Have done pretty well so far.

12ft trampoline. Only needed a net and cushioning which I ebayed for £45
Tv cabinet and hifi cabinet. Cherry Oak and sturdy
Cache of bratz dolls with lots of clothes and accessories, a motor bike and toy horses Even includes boy dolls!
Lots of clothes for weeny some  5-6, 6-7. Perfect
18inch bike (Needs some work) and a pair of gym shoes for weeny.
Glasses - drinking ones

Am hoping to snaffle a chest of drawers at some point too.

Other stuff am looking for:
oil filled radiator
bamboo blind s
electric carving knife
cd player

Will post pics when I work out how to do to from my smart phone Worked it out! What a beaut!

A jolly good day with a wee puff of smoke!

Apart from my lap top going to techno heaven. Boo. it was Biggles old one and had done time in a war zone so  fair dues. RIP Lappy. Thats the wee puff of smoke.

Will sort something out. I have Weeny Girls PC which is my old standalone. Creaking and crumbling and slow as it is.

Had the IVF appointment today. We had pretty much decided no. As it turns out the lovely doc agrees. I am good at conception all things considered he said. 7 times up the stick. in ten years. He suggested that I may have been pg more but had not known and may have a low progesterone issue which hinders implantation. He feels that IVF is not useful as I can do that bit albeit it getting slower at it these days. Combined with the law of diminishing return and 39 year old eggs things are not so hot. However as we will not be using contraception he has supplied me with lovely progesterone suppositories lol lol lol  TMI??? Am to use these if I think there is a good chance of doing the deed and hitting the jackpot!  ha ha not easy when you are restricted to weekends only but possible as we have found out.

There are lots of expensive treatments if you choose to do IVF and are a recurrent M/Cer but the drugs don't sound too hot and stopping your T cells from working and T ceels being the ones that keep the nasties at bay or having to go in for intravenous lipids combined with the elderly egg thing is not my bag. You should only start the treatment if you know when you will get pg/are pregnant. If I was younger by about 6 years then would do as the eggs would be less ancient. Will do the progesterone and asprin ( 75mg per day) combined with vitamins and carry on as usual and accept the fact that its a probable no no. Biggles will agree. He was not keen on IVF and being a tight Yorkshire bastard wants to see return for his money and have odds on his side!

He, the doctor/consultant was a very nice chap indeed. He has also said he will scan me as soon as I hit five weeks and to get in touch if we get pg again.  Means I have to drive to Hexham which is 55 miles away but hey ho I mind not. Big county I live in! The cons of living in the country! Meh!

Counselling tomorrow followed by lidl for cheap food bits, a dress to get fixed ( sewn by a dress maker person), a tv unit to collect and floors to wash. I don't work Fridays - well I do sometimes on a time off in lieu basis-  Only working four days means I can take Weeny to school and pick her up again. Gives her a break from being a full time first in last out inmate at wrap around care! T-O-I-L also means I save money during summer hols and she gets a better deal. Bugger is I still have to pay for petrol to get into work to get the toil! Overall its a better quality of life!

Peace and monkey nuts! Night y'all

Title change! More

Why I changed my title!

I am not shunning frugaldom I just have no frugal goals. Frugality is great especially when it leads you somewhere. I am just plain poor. yes I am in fuel poverty its official. I own nothing and live in social housing. My frugal ways will not allow me to pay off a mortgage, save for another mortgage or pay into an additional  pension plan.

I have not left being frugal. I still need to live. What frugality does allow me to do is live better than someone who is not frugal. I am not fighting the good fight and winning.  I am just keeping my head above water  by budgeting. And sometimes its tough as there are no flags or banners waving me forward. There is no motion.

No you cry you can always change your situation blah de blah blah.. err no I have exhausted those avenues and am caught in a cycle. 

1. I am not able to orchestrate a move to affordable housing easily and in good time. Social housing does not work well with this. if you don't know the social housing system as it stands in 2012 I will explain it to you at another time. .

2. I must travel to work. No changing that. No buses and as I have strict times for child care I am not flexible enough for car sharing.  This takes up a lot of my salary. Fuel Poverty! More than food spent!

3. Change jobs.... I am restricted by where and when I can work given the limits of childcare and parenting.  I live in the country in a reasonably nice social housing hooose and am limited by point one.  Private renting is out of my league and my old job does not exist anymore. Retraining - see point 1 and country living.

What I can do is penny pinch and give my daughter a cool childhood on not a lot of dosh. I earn just enough to not get benefits of any kind including school dinners, prescriptions etc. They draw the line somewhere and that's me. The line has to be drawn simple as that so lets get on with it!

So good bye frugal rural life and  hello:

  Con Dem- Ned Plebdom- Cheers Marra Dave!

with the caveat of:

 ''Southern Plebby Working Single Mother exiled far north trying to keep afloat after all the blessings brought by Tory Dave. Penny pinching and scraping by with a caustic sense of humour and a wee sweary!''


Con Dem etc - ref to them in power that brought about the changes that knacked me big time.

Plebdom - I am a pleb- simples- working class background, now a single mother in cooncil property ha ha Ok I got me a education somewhere along the line but I am more pleb than professional and do not ear a professional salary. Also single parent - demonic aren't they!

Marra is makem - or sunderlandeese for friend/mate. This is scarcasm.
I also feel condemned to plebdom and blame Dave as all my efforts and drive were thwarted by that evil Bullingdon Etonian!

I likes it!


On tree climbing.......

My job is wonderfully varied! Approached in my office well one of my team members offices while doing some pc stuff I was approached to give some support to a staff trying to get a girl up a tree down!. Not far up a tree but she was anxious apparently and having a time of it.

At first I was concerned as it goes overly so that she may require mental health support. It was pissing down and she was up a tree in the woods near the stream and wouldn't come down and wanted to be left alone outside in the open air and rain.  This was Monday- not had the time to post properly as the lap top went bang!! Another tale booo!

Anyhoo went down with my coffee not chuffed. It was pouring, cold, muddy. I am not a mental health professional.

Got there. Askedstaff ( 3 of them standing way back pleading with her to come down) her age - 17, She looked older as she was a large girl. No way could you get her to move unless she wanted to put it that way!

Bugger it thougth I . I need to make an assessment as to whether she does need the men in white coats or we will be stood in the pissing down rain for ever. She was perched on a tree that hung over  the bank that led to the river. Not too high but slippy.

In my Next work trousers with cooling coffee from the rain drops knocked it back  said 'Alreet pet' to tree girl and scampered up the bank. Slippy it was. Said are you gonna budge up or do I have to climb.... she ignored me so I climbed the tree. Swearing as I went. Not professional but as soon as the  ''Fuck it '' left my mouth she smiled and had a wee laugh to herself. Aha thought I not so morose as I was led to believe. Someone is have an attention paddy up a tree and wants some more attention more like. I plonked my mad middle aged arse ( am 39 nearly 40) next to her and figured she won't want to be sat here next to the sweary mary auld middle aged nut bag for too long.  I am still nimble and have some flexibility in the old hips... NO COMMENT ON HOW THEY ARE SO FLEXIBLE fnar fna.r I have lived. Nuff said. Nice spot I said.

And I was right. Down came Clarabella and she happily walked with me to a better more sheltered spot for a wee chat aboot life the universe and presentations.

I checked with the member of my team who is working with and knows the girl well that she does like a strop adn a paddy and attention.

A well timed purposeful swear can tell you alot about a person....

Thank you for reading. That is all

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A new title.....

Am not keen on 'a frugal life anymore......' I dont' necessarily identify with the whole frugal thing anymore. Its not a life choice for me. Its a necessity. I  have to spend on somethings. yabba yabba nadda nadda I hear you cry. I have a small child who doesn't need to be subjected to extreme frugalism. Thats silly and just a bit cruel.  Some things are worth spending on for a childhood lived once. Now I won't do designer togs, expensive toys and frivolous things but a life with a child is different. They need decent food, they need stuff - French lessons and swimming lessons. But you could do them your self you shriek - No I bloody well couldn't. My french is shite and swimming though ok am not as good as a teacher. They deserve if you can do it lots of horizon broadening experiences and they cost. Ok not necessarily a lot but they do. Littlies do not make for a super frugal way of life. penny pinching yes but not super frugal.

Anyhoo as I blame Dave very much for my predicament - redundancy and then feeling the bite of the housing slump, the bastard, I feel something more appropriate reflecting my leftie leanings would be good.  (20k loss of life savings and investment in my house is a bitter pill and is an entrenched memory)

Am pondering.... Condemned in the era of the Con- dem- nation maybe, The liberals have been nowt but a bunch of pussies so there!

Anyway thats one I am toying with I will add to the list as I think on it and will update and edit this post.

 Con-dem-ned Plebdom - Cheers Marra dave!

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Catabolt and other stories or in which I avoid hospitalisation by the skin of my teeth.

Cats can get up to about 42 miles per hour or so I was told... when going full pelt, which is technically faster than Usain.Ok only short distances. I have two cats but I won't get anymore. Weeny is aggravated by them - Eczema so the poor buggers are confined to the kitchen mostly. I like Bolt. This pic amuses me.

Anyways the ancient bod finally properly kicked into gear yesterday.. long time coming and getting to the point of potential enforced hospitalisation again.  Doc who is a dear and knows my gynae history in full will do the ancient hcg tests. Hence I knew non viable which I knew before anyway before nature had taken its course. (I got the test having a history of now 7 M/c - mostly from before weeny girl with ex husband so am well versed with what my body does. Bye bye symptoms hello non viable pregnancy. None of this no symptom crap and remaining pg for me.  Anyhoo lovely doc knows this and will do bloods for me. Common in yankville but no so much here anymore. Was threatened with the pants scan at EPAU if the body didn't start doing what it should but finally and thankfully.... Don't like the day stays or the methotrexate type stuff they fill you with or the sodding mad sorry midwives.

Last time I went in in 2010 after having diagnosed my own m/c by two private scans. (Had a different gp doc  then  and I couldn't argue with this one so resulted to private sector. They always think they know bloody best. Took me £200 to prove I was right.  Fecker Gp at the time didn't realise I have been down this path before many times and seen expensive docs for help and investigations. Ok so you don't read my notes then! Meh!

Anyhoo cheeky biatch  madwife at hospital on scan confirming what I had already told them - non viable pg where upon development had ceased early hence Missed miscarriage, said in that disdainful tone of voice ''well you don't seem  very upset '' and skewed her face at me -. Grr snap snap "No love that was a fortnight ago when I got the first private scan which didn't fit with my dates which are always right. Yes they are always right. Living  8 years of obsessed fertility monitoring, m/c's, bonking  and 1 successful pg you get good at taking control and you get practised at it. Even the student doc smiled when I informed her of my actual emotional positioning and the full reasons why. Silly cow shouldn't  have judged  and listened more. Probably my ''assertive'' shall we say or ha ha aggressive stance put her off a bit. Yeah can face things full on. My bad I know.

The hosp gynae doc was fantastic. Listened and understood and was efficient. Just as my lovely GP Dr is now. He gets it. He is also overseas trained or rather has practised overseas where practises are different hence the hcg often the bastion of fertility clinics and post IVF on getting a positive result. They should rise and double every so many days parts per something of your blood. Can't recall what they are exactly. Nice chap. I like him.

Anyway I am pleased. Very pleased. Given the circumstances. No need for the day stay being fed chemicals and bored shitless, dwelling.

Moving on time. I am seeing doc on Thursday to arrange to get hormone tests done again for general fertility . Will need to leave it a month or so till ones bod returneth to 'normal'. Will then find out if its still worth trying or not. part of me is hoping that the FSH is high and  progesterone off kilter then I have no choice but to accept no. Easier that way I think than hope in the face of decreasing returns. Easier for Biggles too I think. This really got his hopes up.... again.

And buggery fuck to all those that think swearing is dreadful and terrible and utterly awful and vile blah de blah.  Yawn  I wonder if real life for some exists outside of blag sorry blogland.....????

have worked out how to remove meself from dead blogs. I is chuffed.

Dear Santa.......

Dear Santa
In reply to your short but detailed request, and your implying i kiss ass...i need to clear the air so to speak..I know your busy..filling the sleigh, micro-managing the elves and doing god knows what with the ho ho ho's in the secretarial pool..But ive had enough..i find it ironic and morbidly amusing that kids all over the world view you as the very p...
icture of kindness and generosity, when we both know its all an act, all smiles and merriment, but take off the phony beard and red coat and your nothing but a cynical, grouchy old bastard. You've built an entire career around knowing who's been naughty and who's been nice....but take a look at yourself..YOUR 99% bitter old drunk..Please do not attempt to contact me directly as i have no interest in discussing this further..Oh one more thing.. im not interested in your request for a "Reverse Sleigh Ride"..i have no idea what that means but it sounds far too kinky for my for the Chivas Regal and Toblerone...shove it.

I stole this. Bah humbug!

Weaning Ms Pitty pot and Sue!

Well what did you expect you were forwarned!!!Scarcastic Bastard rocks!

And err re your vitriolic scathing attack which left you shocked - My infertility and reproductive issues not yours, you have no idea and I have a bloody long memory when someone pisses me off.Also my blog and if you comment and I am pissed off by it I will tell you. its my blog, and as you say we can all have opinions. you share yours and I;ll share mine. And why the fuck are you still following my blog ya freaky voyeur weirdo. You don't like me go away!!! Simple!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Explanation and I hope I have the right person!

Posts in context!!!!   Point to note in bold, my comments in red!
Why is it that people automatically assume "anonymous" commenters are trolls?

In this great wide world of internet blogging who knows whether someone puts their own name or not and if you're not giving your real name you might as well be "anonymous" too.

People criticise others for being critical yet they're doing the very same thing that the original commenter does. ( Yeah but some critisism is put in a nice way others - constructive and plesantly put. Sometimes I worry that not turning the heating on my have implications for my health, slips and trips and falls would be catastrophic especially if you are a walker and hiker. Please take care  using the slippers for eg)

I think anyone who is happy to show the world that they dress up in such a way to combat the cold and admit to eating out of pans must accept that they lay themselves open to some criticism. ( constructive or maybe politely put questions but not put downs)

Eating out of pans is seen to be uncouth. I don't do it, I was brought up to have impeccable table manners and to act otherwise would be an affront to my parents. Does it take more washing up liquid and hot water to wash up a plate with the pan? I don't think it does. I think a hint of laziness creeps in when you can't be bothered to use a plate.

( keep your uncouth and lazy comments to yourself thank you - uncalled for and just a bit nasty  unconstructive and a put downand not polite- so if you want to play nasty thats my game too-)

Only my opinions - other commenters are free to have theirs.

I comment under "anonymous" as I don't have a blog or google account or any of the other things listed to comment under.
Tom, Dick or Harry (who knows and does it really matter?)
Eeek1 November 2012 19:15 Please note time and date.
Tom Dick or Harry. I think you are a tosser. I am uncouth and could star in Shameless as is on the telly. I also pick my nose scratch my arse and fart. You being couth do none of the above. I don't care how many paper doilies you have or nylon plastic doll wearing a big frock toilet roll covers. Good for you Hyacinth! Live and let live. UNLESS YOU ARE UNCOUTH LIKE ME AND I WILL CALL YOU A TWAT TO YOUR FACE. Shorts and wipes snot on her sleeve. I eat out of pans in public. I love a good trough! Ilona puts on her manners out of the house. She even sticks out her pinky when drinking tea. I hope your finger pokes through the toilet roll next time. You clearly spend a lot of time doing this as your full of it! Ha ha Sorry ilona great to get it off my chest lol
Christine: I point out that I am being Uncouth and demonstrating exactly what it entails
Anonymous2 November 2012 17:09  Please note time and date.
all this makes me hoot with laughter. No one has truly read the original string of comments. Quite a number of commentators kindly hinted that the taped slippers were dangerous - I also meant Illona would be frozen to the core if she unfortunately ended up in hospital if she slipped, as she could be lay in a cold house until help arrived - not that hospitals weren't heated. But people read what they want to read. Nowehre did I suggest that Illona wasn't kind, happy or fulfilled, but I can see the ambulance mens/womens expressions when they entered the kitchen full of boys pants drying on every kitchen knob. Trust me, I've helped deal with and empty some sad homes along the years. ( How condescending and patronizing is this!!! and clearly you haven't as I have seen worse that this as a professional working with young people)
BTW, I lead a lovely frugal life and retired at 53 as I was debt free and I had helped my daughter train to be a midwife then a health visitor. My days are happy and fulfilled - I have a rescue dog and 3 rescue rabbits abandoned on the side of the road and local hillsides. I just don't choose to eat from a pan. end of.
And the point of helping your daughter through uni is??? Does this make anna a saint?? Errr no. What is she implying by including this???

Anna the anon

Reply one not using the reply directly box!!!! note the time!!!
Anna Anon. There are far worse homes out there that social and emergency services have to enter. I doubt they would be shocked by boys pants clean washed ones hanging up. Plenty environmentally conscious folk use grey water and are frugal with heating and food. Your uncouth comment was rude. In the privacy of your own home you can do as you like no need for you share your opinion in that manner. Hmm busy body comes to mind telling the world how to live. I can be rude too and more uncouth than you can imagine. Take care now. Night y`all
 Reply two on discovering the reply box - mulling things over and getting angry now. I have a slow burn!13mins later! Am a bit slow and moronic! There's more proof- see!!!! ;-)
  1. You poor thing. So bothered about what strangers think! You must have a lot of anxiety in your life. Am sure there's a specific term for it. will think on it and get back to you. Oh and I helped my neice through med school if you really want to know. Takes longer than midwifery but that's not really relevant now is it. Take Care.
  3.  Actually she is starting vet school. I haven't a bean to my name but will give her any other support she requires! Just a comment in response to  the midwifery and health visitor thing.  I hate it when people make much of social class and status which is what I think Anna was implying somehow. Does this mean she has accomplished more than others with her frugal ways?? not all frugal boats are the same.
  4. Helping your niece through medical school is relevant because? Totally unrelated to this thread. ( Read the posts FFS EVEN I NOTED THAT IT WAS IRRELEVANT! re emphasing that the midwifery comment was also )

    Your previous comment showed exactly the sort of person you are - you didn't need to say you're uncouth, your language confirmed it. Totally uncalled for. Bad language is used by uneducated morons who are unable to express themselves without swearing.   (Thats the point love!- demonstrating that eating out of a pan isn't properly uncouth its eccentric- Jees ! Twat and Tosser - ooooo easy to wind you up eh!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of my posts)

    In respect for Ilona I'm not going to make further comments on this post, morons have hijacked it for their own satisfaction. Although I'm surprised that Ilona didn't delete your original comment, I wouldn't have thought she approved of your comment due to it's content.

  • Apologies to Ilona for hijacking. What a patronising know it all woman Anna was. OMG!  Taking deep breaths now as she will unleash the beast again just thinking about her.  Don't like sly nasty posters with their condescending examples and tone. Am more forthright can you tell??
  • Christine- read anons comment which was unrelated also. I am making a point. It was supposed to be irrelevant. I stated as much. Its in response to ANONs post.
    Also post previous I was demonstrating the full meaning of uncouth which is not to horribly moronic uneducated scumbag should star in Shameless me- simply eating out of a pan in ones own home.

    Eeek .
    Bsc Hons, PGdip and MSC ( I am taking the piss I don't have my masters yet was going to include PHD and post doc  plus bronze Swimmning certificate and  Brownies basket weaving badge ha ha)
    I can demonstrate the full extent of my Anglo Saxon vocab if you like??? Nighty Night am off to flick snot at passers by as its fun and uncouth!

    Ps Scarcasm truly the lowest form of wit but being who I am and what I am what else do I have.....sob fecking sob

  • And the emergency services example was patronizing as hell.

    Christine: I am assuming you are the same one as listed on my followers. If not I most humbly apologise.
    You do not blog which I find kind of creepy yet  have been about for a while. For some its voyeuristic! Not all though!!! I was a voyeur too for a while. You don't get the way I write.
    Guess what I love Frankie Boyle!  Just go. Its for the best.
    Remember I do not write for an audience. I write for the process. Whether there is an audiencce or not is irrelevant. Nice to get pearls of wisdom every so often but  I manage in the real world with real people too!. Please see previous post also on why I write to know that followers are also appreciated.

    And err the Weaning Wean and Sue can go boil heads as well. Funnily enough I would be exactly the same in the real world and would shamelessly be scathing and nasty blah de blah blah blah. Anyhoo!
    Much love I have a floor to wash and sunday frugal dinner to make!
    Eeek! Bloodybuggerfuckertyfuckfucktosserwankbollockystwatpiss!

    For Christine

    My favourite! Please take the hint! LEAVE!

    Postcards from the edge....

    Turn back all yee you are educated and sophisticated for fear of insult and offence!
    You will find here, along with some uncouth stuff other bits of stuff I like and find amusing, I think is important or that  makes  me snigger. And yes swearing does figure, along with politics, equal opps, banksy, pre raphelites, religion.... C'mon  dare ya!

    I wish I could get away with this at Halloween......................Genius!!!!

    From Taken - not a bad movie for an action shoot em up!

    I do give a fuck about somethings - see the Banksy above!

    This is my secret right wing issue- we all have a failing!

    Me and the Biggles on the Biggles big big mo fo bike! Like shit off a stick!
    Guess what this is! ha ha
    Good Ole Eve and I may even find Bob!