Thursday, 1 March 2012

Find Peace PC Rathbone

Thought and prayers for you and your family. So very very sad.
Well we have applied and now the waiting begins.

I am really enjoying my job at the moment which is such a pity.  But nothing is set in stone yet. I need to get an interview then I need to get accepted. 

I am still debating the wedding. ( she says with a sinking feeling)

Ho hum nearly the weekend - Biggles back from Oxfordshire tomorrow evening. He is driving up - No mean feat Oxford to Northumberland! So I will have time for a leisurely bath with Weeny, some cuddle s on the sofa before making late tea - Fajitas. B loves Mexican. We have Thai curry for sat and roast type stuff for Sunday. Weeny loves to make fajitas, loves curry and cabbage/brocoli and yorkshires so all good on the grub front.

We have a scooter party on saturday. I have stashed some brithday pressies from Weeny;s party. She got so much she hasn't missed them. I will wrap them up and pass them on.  Its also a fancy dress party so she has decided to go as a fairy. This is the last time she will be able to wear her fairy outfir as its getting a bit small.

Will take photos and try to upload somehow.

Also I am now on a mission to spend nothing more this month bar necessary food and petrol and bills. This will be a challenge as I am in London next weekend Thursday - Sunday.   Also have a local carboot happening on 17th. I can justify going to this one as its local. the others involve driving at least 20 miles so I don't go.  And bugger will have no cash for bargains. Phooey and phooo. Don't need anything but I like to forward plan.

Till next week.