Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Good old Free Cycle!

Now I am hardly ever lucky when is comes to FC. It is pretty quiet where I live so not necessarily much in the locality and actually the locality given its Northumberland is rather large lol.

Anyhoo I was lucky enough to bag a set of lined heavy cream patio floor length curtains. They are washed and have come up well and the bits that haven't like the hens are on the floor so no one will see them anyway.

Weeny could do with some heavy curtains in her room to block out the sun.  A project for the weekend me thinks. She has two windows in her room. Both the same size. However the curtains should be long enough and wide enough to  fit one on each window.

It feels like it should be Thursday or Friday!!!  Only Tuesday Ahhhhhh! This is one long week!