Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A fond farewell...................and everybody is at it!

I don't think so. Yes you know of whom I speak. Also I completely disagree about paying for her funeral. Didn't agree with the Royal wedding either so there and that prob boosted the economy and tourism.

Yes yes  Arthur Scargill and the unions and industry needed an overhaul but not to that extent. Decimating communities, soup kitchens in the Durham coal fields, unemployment rising astrononimcally.Privatising national industry  including utilities ( now I am paying profits to share holders so I can heat my house), not building social housing stock so now my taxes go to greedy landlords to house the poor who are on council housing waiting lists. I remember the recession in the late 80s, I remember the poll tax and I remember interest rates going ballistic and home repossessed when the yuppie bubble burst. We had tea with Pol Pott who was not such a bad chap non??? Pinochet on our Christmas card list?? Why yes!!!!  Lets keep Germany separate - no to bringing down the wall!!!
Buy your council house, start your own business- make the loans available.... then boom and bust.

Gordon Brown adn labour spend all the money.  There were two wars we financed ( Afghanistan and Iraq- don't come cheap) and the banks and a global crisis. Gordon brown is still well respected by economists for his decision to bail out the banks. FTSE drop in 2008 not been seen since hmmm 1987 in the time of Thatcher.

But its all yay broke the miners, The Falklands... which if diplomacy was her string point by expert opinions conflict could have been avoided. Wonder if Cameloon will try some heavy handed tactics to win the next gen election ... hmmm

Nough Said.

Some young peeps who were born in the 80's fall for the same political crap now, that the Tory party spewed forth then.  The 80's yuppies have left their materialistic legacy.

We shall refer to her as the fair haired one. The faired haired one at work. TFHOAW is a supported of the right. We discussed the benefits situation. Yes I agree its not right to de fraud the system. However the poor are being demonised. The deficit is not solely their fault. Nor can the blame be laid with the welfare budget 50%+ of which goes to pensioners in one way or another -winter fuel payments, bus passes etc etc those who have not worked for long enough have their pensions topped up etc etc. Any means testing here????

We came to an agreement that de frauding the system into which we all pay our taxes is wrong. Paying your tax is good. I then asked if her partner paid tax on the work he does outside of his normal job- employment where he is taxed by the usual method. No this is cash in hand says she. I said that this in effect was also defrauding the system... .IE should be taxed....and if this money was to be taken as their income then they may not qualify for child benefit or child tax credit, or child care element of working tax credit. Who is also defrauding the system??? If we are going to demonise all benefit recipients then this should include those who receive child benefit. It is now means tested.We should include those who receive Child tax credit etc. They need to be checked for fraud as well.

Fraud is fraud is it not???? Not so happy now. Sorry but had to point it out. Creative accounting etc etc cash in hand etc If you work and receive your tax allowance from your main job then its tax on everything else isn't it???? And what do they spend this on??? Materialistic tat!

If people work overtime they are taxed and what they declare they earn on P60's is taken into account or child tax credit payments the following year.


Are we still using coal........???? Where do they buy it from???????:-)