Saturday, 11 February 2012

Busy but still reading...and a maybe New Beginning!

Hello Peeps,

Am alive and still reading  I just have so much going on that I can't find the time to write it all down.,

I shall respond first!
I still have the Herman the German Friendship cake reproducing - I have passed on a few Herman off spring. The thing with Herman is that he needs to breath and bubble and so being transported in an air tight box would cause his demise!   I can drop off locally - North East, Scottish Borders. Shame....  He is very tasty! And freezes well in  cake form to be brought out for a dash of custard!!!

London - went well - enjoyed, saw dinos etc At the imperial War Museum Weeny asked where Biggles photograph was and this time didn't confuse the RAF blue uniform with being a Nazi  in grey which is a good thing.  On catching a clip of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas she exclaimed look its XXXX when one of the Nazi's came on screen.

We return on 8th March to the big smoke. Tickets were only £42!!! return which is ace!!!!

Plans............... I will be moving to Durham.. I hope!

I have applied for a PGCE to start this year and have been told by the provider I have a strong application and will get an interview.

I am also investigating the Podiatry course as well. Pros and Cons for both.

I am excited. I have been advised that I can claim housing benefit as a full time student who is a single parent. Houses are cheap to rent and come in under the LHA benefit rate!

Oh Lordy another move!!!! ( eyes roll skywards)

This means however I need to bust my backside to pay off debts asap. I will be on super frugal measures. I have approx 1k to pay off asap. and money to save for the car and weeny.

Am managing so far.

If anyone has any advice re finances for a mature return to learn student taking either a Post grad or a three year NHS funded course please let me know.

So much so do and so little time. I am hopeful and excited!!

Meal Planning to the last bite, use of utilities are my main focus now and snowballing a few debts. Means no gardening this year but I can cope, also any extras for weeny like trips, classes will have to be achieved on a super budget!!!!

I am also taking a short OU course- costs 200 quid but helps with either option and gets the brain back into academic gear!