Sunday, 14 October 2012

British Gas/Gas prices and Car insurance!!!

Well after a hectic day yesterday living a life with Weeny and Biggles I forgot to renew the car insurance. My insurer has increased my payments by £5. With no claims since June 2011. And before that I have 6 sodding years!  Anyway nothing open on Sundays. You can do new business and get insurance but no one will speak to you about renewals. My bad. I have cheaper quotes but want to find out if they can offer me something similar. I have increased my excess. I can reduce by £30 though the initial payment makes a mockery of stoptober.  Bet those arses at Kwik fit charge me for leaving as well. They have me by the short and curlies. Note to self must remember to shave these bits.

Lordy its hard to stop spending even for a month!!

I also paid for sustenance and a beer each for two RAF officers dressed as women on a 22 mile charity walk which includes 9 pubs where by you are obliged to purchase and consume a pint. its in exchange for the pubs letting you in dressed as a loon and for opening up early in the morning.  This was not cheap but very much needed. In the end they won the Engineers Balls - don't ask! made a fair few bob for charity and have a laugh. ( £26 all in me and weeny included) Eeek!!!and Double Eeek!! Later I found out that for hair of the dog purposes while they were waiting for the Sue Ryder Charity shop to open so they could purchase their attire as ladies they just had to drink two more can s of cider each. British Military at its best. Rat arsed and dressed as women in daylight cavorting around the countryside!!!

I am also growling at British Gas making 15 billion profit and putting prices up!!!  This is disgusting .. no I need stronger words than that! Any one care to oblige!!!  Its criminal and exploitative.

This brings me to my next goal. Acquire another oil filled radiator and mini oven with electric hob.  Smaller than the gas oven, Heating one or two rooms at a time must be cheaper than full on heating!!!

I will only have to use gas to  heat water on a daily basis for our bath/shower. Its a joint bath with Weeny. Biggles only ever showers at weekends and he is a master in the Ship Shower. Douse in water. Turn off water. Soap up. Turn on water to rinse. Simples!!!  Bit of a bugger in the cold hence the additional radiator for upstairs. I figure one will do nicely as its a small house and they can be wheeled to where needed.

So what do you think of the plan for fuel??? I am not with BG but where BG goes the rest will follow.

Do you have any recommendations for the mini oven and hob?? best prices??? is this a frugal plan??? I currently play approx 50 pcm for fuel though they want to increase to 58. Can't afford that have increased the tv phone Internet package by 10 to keep costs down as I went  over. I figure the nights are drawing in and this is when these type of things get abused!!! Also weeny is using her PC and Biggles listening to the adventures of the beloved Sheffield Wednesday!!!!

Other than that we went swimming, to a party and spent ages doing beach art while waiting for the drunken charging/marching cross dressing types. This is the third year they have one the BALLS!

We had a lovely day together me and weeny and the fortress sandcastle with rocks and abridge was splendid. Cheap activity and beautiful coast line.

So plan??? Good or bad??
Recommends for mini oven and hob

Oh and going to collect a 12ft freecycled trampoline later. Need to buy a net but hey ho saving of at least 80 quid. Will have to buy a need and and factor in petrol but alls good. ( Biggles petrol and estate car)