Monday, 25 April 2011

Am not convinced by the queen to be...

Yes the day is nearly upon us an well thanks for the day off but not the expense. I am not a monarchist, royalist or what ever. I can see the use of the Royal Family I suppose- the charity work and such, ambassadors for the UK I get that, tourism blah de blah. I am not convinced by Kate Middleton. The supposed commoner who is marrying a prince. I don't think there is much to her really. In the grand scheme of royal pointlessness she is there with the best of them and I find her a bit transparent. I know she is compared or will be to Diana and am sure she will model herself on the charity queen of hearts thing. I just do not see anything to suggest there will be one tiny scrap of genuineness. So far what has she done? Went shopping for a living - accessorize buyer. A privileged expedition to  Chile. You know the type of expedition only for the priviledged who can afford the experience - where was the volunteering at the local youth centre, animal sanctuary, interest in children/animals/health/education.... no sorry it was just fashion she was interested in. I see no evidence of anything other than shallow type stuff. She is 28 not 21. Am not convinced she would want to take her accessories to a princes trust event, meet with the homeless, disabled children without being dragged there by William. Not sure she will be a 'natural' at having a snotty nosed baby with aids plonked in her lap or genuinely care. I think Colleen Rooney may be more genuine than queeny to be in this respect.

So far nothing more than a daily mail reader done good!!! I hope she proves me wrong. Not a fan of Diana but she was not never phased by the snotty nosed baby on the hospital ward with gruesome tubes or the child without limbs, or the dotty old granny  and she was 19 when she married and started doing the royal thing. really quite a bit younger.

What do you think??? Likey or no likey???

Shattered, skint and back to work tomorrow

Am very tired actually got back last night but have been washing and doings some domestics. Went well as could be expected.  Mum now deposited in new care home and as happy as someone with significantly advancing Alzheimer's can be. She is pretty much immobile now just squirms and wriggles in her chair. Quite a bit smiley and hopefully there will be more smiley and sleepy times than grumpy and upset time. I hope she is looked after well and they work on using something to stop her from sliding out of her chair. She is only little and when her feet are on the floor she is not sitting up straight in the chair if you know what I mean. Other than that it seems a decent place and very nice to its residents. I shall be popping in when I can. There are no visiting hours and people - visitors - regular ones anyways are given the door code and go in and out freely which is a good sign. As long as her weight remains constant and she does not develop ppressure sores and has more smiley days than not then this is as much as we can hope for really.

Had a nice time too  B& B was very cheap and you could tell especially if you looked under the bed - not hoovered for a very long time!!! but beds clean, shower clean and breakfast good. Eating out is a pain even for a few days but not much you can do. Could of stayed with relatives but you have less freedom that way to come a go as you please and stick to your priorities and agenda.

We spent time with older sister at the coast and had coffee at the Burns museum.  ( It is Ayrshire after all)  I am hoping I did not get a speeding ticket on the way home. The hire car accelerates very quietly unlike my banger - you know if you are going too fast when the car starts to shake. The 2011 reg focus was very deceptive. I really could do with out the three points and fine. I was flashed doing 60+ on a single carriage section of the A1. :-(  Ahhh it was a nice car to drive however. Not much I can do about it now bar wait.

Sunday we went to see a chum and his kids who now lives in Fife. Spent the afternoon playing in the park, hunting and rolling Easter eggs. Weeny one has had a fab time - spoilt by relatives and lots of parks and ice creams.  Home to Biggles waiting up for us around ten last night and I sank into bed. 

My sister is in Dunfermline scoping out houses and such for when she returns later in the year. I collect her from the local station next Sunday for a few days before she heads back to London and Heathrow and back OS.

Lasagne, salad and garlic bread  for tea. Lasagne - home made from the freezer - salad bits - iceberg, cucumber, carrot, a red/green pepper - from fajitas on Thursday plus onion, a frozen sweetcorn . Garlic bread on special only 30p for quick sale and also from the freezer. Ice cream, fruit then bed. We were all stuffed. I couldn't face cooking from scratch.

We have so much chocolate it is disgusting. Weeny girl will get through it I am sure. It will just take a while.

Hope you all enjoyed the break. back to the grind till Friday!!! Spose those royals are good for a few things eh!!! Another few days off - such a hard life!!!!