Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Payday, pay gone day

pay day yesterday..... car needed some TLC to the tune of £180. Brake discs, pads etc also noticed whilst it was up that a shock is leaking adn that the tyres at the back will need replacing  next month. Sigh so thats next month's spares and saves out the window as well.

Super enforced frugal month is is then. I was hoping to get away with £250 all in including service. Service will have to wait till the end of April. End of March the above work will have to happen. sigh sigh.


Biggles is keen,. The couple are actually getting married locally. I hate weddings. B wants to pay for a sitter. I hate weddings. I may have to make an exception for B. Grrrr. Frock ordered from Ebay. Will see if it suits. I am not spending anymore than £30 on a new frock and then it will be re ebayed.. thats if..... Bloody hate weddings.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday doings, bargains, a dilema and a cat!

Well Sunday he refused to collect Weeny - I didn't hide it from her this time and didn't make OTT excuses but just got on with  my SUnday plans.  The house was a mess and needed a  tidy/clean frenzy!!! 

I had a wardrobe thing to assemble - cheap storage type affair. We had fun banging in the poles. I managed to sort out three bin bags of clothes - Weeny and mine to be sent to the clothing store - I cash in the few bob it makes and give it to Weeny or spend it on things for Weeny. Last time was Christmas and it really helped. Feel a bit bad about this but one day will give it all back to charity shops. Things go to charity shops however as do duvets, cushions etc etc.

Its great to be able to see the clobber again and so much easier in the morning. We hoovered, swept and done all the boring washing stuff.

Weeny made a bed adn we watched more of the Harry Potter.... there really are too many films... We had a lovely time in the house just being. So much of out time is spent  doing stuff outside of home - or working/school/daycaring.

Today while waiting for some engraving ( college sports shield)  I managed to bag some bargain new trainer for £4.99. Just what I need for Zumba ( Free at college on Mondays - college is where I work btw). My old trainers are rather old and flat and don't offer much protection anymore.   Saw a new balck jacket for £5 - warm for winterish but I passed it by now am thinking that it would be a good investment maybe I will go back.  Its black and will last till next winter and for a fiver hmmmm

Any hoo have a Wedding dilema. Have been invited as B escort to a wedding, Not sure if its day or night time yet.
1. I hate weddings
2. Will cost a fortune - outfit required- they are minted types, hotel, babysitter etc etc
3. I hate weddings
4. Not that keen on the couple either
5. I hate Weddings


1. Biggles - his friends and sometimes I need to be supportive

What is it with Weddings  and me - I really feel uncomfortable at them!   I think its the excess of stuff and the frills and the waste, the indulgence, the materialism... smaller intimate weddings  I can cope with.  Oh and having  had one wedding that I never felt comfortable at and a near miss second ( booked , dress bought, wedding rings purchased etc etc then realised it woudl be the biggest mistake of my life ) may not help.

Sigh.. it will all fall down to whether or not Biggles really wants me there.

Weeny is currently very much in love with the old cat and vice versa.  This is lovely.   very lovely. She is growing up so fast and now understands that she needs to be very gentle with Mollie old cat.


Saturday, 25 February 2012


Well Weeny is back from the other family this weekend. basically he cannot be arsed to deal with her at night time - can't be arsed with bathtime or anything like that.  Actual interaction .. hmmm thats a difficult one,. Anyway he wants her again tomorrow. No problem I won't stand in his way.  He wants me to drive to his again to drop her off.  I have done this once already this weekend, not happening again. He will get a text tomorrow saying no petrol as no payday till Wednesday. He can swing. he has money to go to the pub when he pleases at weekends. I don't have the money to spend on take aways and  beer.

Not happpening selfish trout that he is. Will text in the morning he can collect when he likes.  He is getting a weekend off soon as we have cheap London tickets. ( £41.00 return) so he can save his petrol money then.

Weeny happy though. Now watching Ella enchanted on BT vision and about to have a cuddle with me.

B  in Yorkshire to watch the Steel City Derby . We were going to go down but the car needs a service before any long journeys and the train fares were silly prices even when we looked several weeks ago.

have managed to read the first two chapters of the OU course book, Waiting on a phone call from my tutor. Looks ok. Will make notes tomorrow and read ch 3/4 maybe. 
The assignments look ok as well.  Not too silly. However it is an opening s course at first year level I believe.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Sunday...

After an evening of  Italian food and beer ( all home made /drank at home - the last of the christmas beer- we have one can of cider adn a bottle of red left - all pressies we appreciate greatly) we settled down to watch Harry Potter part 8 part 2.  Carbonara, with some veg, pudding was the last of Herman the German Friendship cake with custard. 

Today after a lie in and  breakfast - beans on toast with poached eggs, we said farewell to Biggles ( off on a course in Oxfordshire for 5 weeks so driving down south and setting off at lunchtime) and decided to spend this afternoon at the pastures. The Pastures is accessible land opposite Alnwick Castle on the far bank of the River Aln.  We walked through sheep, and swatched a pair of  swan go about their business before setting down to have a snack  brought from home  of course in Weeny's lunchbox !  Ham sandwiches, fruit, pringles, a biscuit and some juice. We threw sticks in the River Aln and stood very still by a herd of sheep and also discovered sheep poo! She is obsessed by this area of human and mamilian functioning at the moment.

Back home to rewatch the Potter  snuggled on sofa with old cat - Mollie before out late Sundays dinner- Weeny's request - mash pots, chicken and cabbage with carrots and peas and yorkshire puddings and gravy.

I have my phone back now - I was camera less. However now I have no charger so will be using the replacement phone for a while.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Excited.. mostly... and some wardrobe adventures...

Have applied for PGCE, researched areas to live in etc etc  so proceeding nicely. I start my OU course next week!! Eeek

Saving ok. So far should have managed £300 since end of December.  This pocket of money will remain and be added to by £100 per month I hope. I plan on snow flaking and snowballing all the other debts I have -  approx £900.  ( Not including Biggles money - that may be around doe a while, Sigh) I need rid before September. No added interest on them. so not too bad. I do the move about interest free credit thing.

Ha ha Gas and Elec want 92 pcm from me. If they think that by working full time I will be using nearly £100 of gas/elec per month they are sadly mistaken. I shall send them another reading next month to get the amount reduced. Also its so mild now that I think the hour at night at 17c is unnecessary.  A wee while in the morning is nice - though I may drop that to half an hour.
 No more than £60 pcm I believe. Weeny likes a bath - every night. I get in too mostly so we save overall and I like to be fresh in the morning so a quick shower is needed.  Gas cooking as well. Sigh - I really miss being all electric. I found it much easier to manage one utility and had a good grasp of it and how much it cost. Gas is all new to me.

 We are menu planning and aiming to never spend more than £30 per week.

Beans on toast, fish fingers and chips, pizza, gammon, jacket potatoes are regular meals each week!

Weeny likes it and I always buy salad stuff - cucumber and lettuce - she adores cucumber, chuck on some sweetcorn or carrot and we are happy!  The only time we splurge on food is weekends when Biggles is back - normally something nice on Friday, Sat, Sun Lunch. I don't charge for food as he so often treats us both would be mean.  Again doesn't need to be expensive - carbonara with cheap bacon bits, roast Sundays dinner is cheap if you use chicken pieces, spaghetti, lasagna and all variations of it.

I have restricted the cooking something new resolution sue to finances however we are still being inventive with leftovers, bargain buys etc etc

Am off to be ruthless with the wardrobe and have a tidy up

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Busy but still reading...and a maybe New Beginning!

Hello Peeps,

Am alive and still reading  I just have so much going on that I can't find the time to write it all down.,

I shall respond first!
I still have the Herman the German Friendship cake reproducing - I have passed on a few Herman off spring. The thing with Herman is that he needs to breath and bubble and so being transported in an air tight box would cause his demise!   I can drop off locally - North East, Scottish Borders. Shame....  He is very tasty! And freezes well in  cake form to be brought out for a dash of custard!!!

London - went well - enjoyed, saw dinos etc At the imperial War Museum Weeny asked where Biggles photograph was and this time didn't confuse the RAF blue uniform with being a Nazi  in grey which is a good thing.  On catching a clip of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas she exclaimed look its XXXX when one of the Nazi's came on screen.

We return on 8th March to the big smoke. Tickets were only £42!!! return which is ace!!!!

Plans............... I will be moving to Durham.. I hope!

I have applied for a PGCE to start this year and have been told by the provider I have a strong application and will get an interview.

I am also investigating the Podiatry course as well. Pros and Cons for both.

I am excited. I have been advised that I can claim housing benefit as a full time student who is a single parent. Houses are cheap to rent and come in under the LHA benefit rate!

Oh Lordy another move!!!! ( eyes roll skywards)

This means however I need to bust my backside to pay off debts asap. I will be on super frugal measures. I have approx 1k to pay off asap. and money to save for the car and weeny.

Am managing so far.

If anyone has any advice re finances for a mature return to learn student taking either a Post grad or a three year NHS funded course please let me know.

So much so do and so little time. I am hopeful and excited!!

Meal Planning to the last bite, use of utilities are my main focus now and snowballing a few debts. Means no gardening this year but I can cope, also any extras for weeny like trips, classes will have to be achieved on a super budget!!!!

I am also taking a short OU course- costs 200 quid but helps with either option and gets the brain back into academic gear!