Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursdays.. nearly the weekend!!! Whoo hoo

Am  liking Thursday night telly!!!

Penny pinchers or whatever they call it - Good for frugal tips. liking the frugal wedding with all the trimmings. £1500 - for what they had it wasn't bad at all!!!!  Expensive weddings like the mother of the bride said really do not make a marriage. ( Been there done that got the t shirt)   Where did that woman get all the free vouchers from??? Does she have a job outside of the home???  No judgement just that I would love to devote more of my time to saving a few bob by acquiring the huge amount of vouchers that she had. I also have the issue of travel. Nearest decent tesco is 40mins away via the A1 south. So not as economical as having it on your door step.

Living with the Amish!!!! Am fascinated by these peeps and their simple life.

B is away setting up his London pad. Weeny goes away to the other family on Saturday after swimming and yet another party.  See how she goes. Was in bits last time she went and I had to walk away... which I hate. B was there and was also a bit upset by her not wanting to go with the other family.

I will spend the time de cluttering, Christmas gift wrapping, gardening type stuff. Mostly in the house.

It is B birthday on Wednesday. Pavlova and chili it is as per his request. have a card and a novelty gift for him. Can't afford to buy him the sort of gifts  I would like to - mostly motorbike stuff which is not cheap.