Wednesday, 23 November 2011

and we are half way through the week....

House update
Both parties in sale would like to move by Christmas!!! This is good. 
Waiting on searches from management company - have received local council ones. The extra searches cost me £138 up front - OUCH OUCH OUCH

Looks promising for the social housing house.  Fingers crossed eh!

Not long till Biggles starts his London Job sniff sniff. Oh well best laid plans of mice and men and just because you really want something doesn't mean it is ever going to happen.... such is fate and life.

So no plans for Christmas yet - his family, mine.... London trip... who knows.

Work fine, have a day at our Agricultural and land based industries campus on Friday which is always nice.

Saturday we have swimming and then a birthday party. Sunday will depend on the weather. 

Oh and yet another party invite popped up! SO another present to find. Grrrr  oh well part and parcel of the small child thing.

made sausage rolls yesterday using yellow stickered puff pastry - 99p for two blocks - i only used one block. Was able to make 8 sausage rolls using 99p Walls pork sausages and also two pasties using cheese, ham red pepper and onion. Fed me, Biggles and Weeny and I have four left over for lunches.
Added some cheapie baked beans and we had a great retro tea.

Have eaten soup - form the freezer and defrosted some stewed plum which were lovely and the syrup was to die for..... keeps you regular am sure.

Ho Hum lets see how December goes????

Love ya  Eeek

PS found a Sheff Wed coaster and Mug for B from weeny for Christmas. he loves stuff like that. Can have them personalised as well. Jolly good things he can take into work for his new desk. He is an avid die hard fan bless him its a rocky road being an owl.