Monday, 3 December 2012

Vomiting Veronica....

Yes we have been slapped by the Vomiting Virus! Weeny girl to be precise. Adults have constitutions like oxes and so have avoided it. A weekend spent cuddling on a sofa has put the xmas plans back and canceled a few- Our woodland walk for detritus for our door wreath. We had a window and it was filled with sickines!

Next few weekends are taken up with visiting- the others ( weeny girl), London and Sheffield. Then its Christmas so no wreath this year. Will post some snaps of last two years efforts.

We are otherwise on target with all other xmas things. Baking will have to be frozen this year. Baked then frozen am afraid. We are travelling back form Sheffield on Xmas eve so no time other than this Sunday to bake and freeze.

This weekend all those xmas type things get made or not at all.

Biscuits, tray bakes, fairy cakes - Xmas eve is for chilling out eating fajitas and having a bath with some veg prep... I spose I could do baking furiously.... maybe....or could just leave it till after before we go a visiting yet again.

Other than that am crabby natured at the moment. PMT. Miffed with skintness - my general state of affairs. It will pass. It does. Then returns......... fooofibollocksyness.

Still can't work out how to rid myself of blogs. I want to stop following some dead in the water blogs of the type not updated in over a year. Any ideas?

I don't have a nice green door anymore.