Thursday, 29 September 2011


bit late but will update you as to how the cheapie caravan break went. Bloody awful. Booked and in terms and conditions they disclaim that they cannot guarantee that you will nto get a room that has not been smoked in. Fair dos - a few fags, a bit of an airing sorted.

Nope - the gulag we got stank of smoke 0 was fetid. I complained  as there were no  non smoking signs hence tabbers/ faggers/ smokers will smoke as there are no signs!!! or is it noted in the literature that you receive or  in the non existent welcome pack.

The apartment was smelly and shabby beyond belief. no cover on the mattress. The door frame was giving way - so I was worried about security for my self and small girl. It was also dirty. There was black grime in the corners of the room and along the skirting board - I checked a few shelves and it was filthy. The carpet had not been hoovered- I took pictures of leaves, crumbs, mud on the sofa.

We didn't arrive till late so had to stay on enight before I asked to be either moved or the apartment thoroughly cleaned. I can cope with shabby if it is clean! The smell of strong disinfectant/bleach would get rid of some of the stale smoke smell. The apartment was not cleaned . And by the time I returned there was nothing I could do - reception/customer services had gone home. I did not stay . I left and checked into alternative accomodation. ( night 2). I went back to reception  the following day and was advised that the apartment had been cleaned - It had not . I took pictures of the same spots and looked for the same evidence every time No clean - or not a very thorough one at all. There were tab dumps -fag butts outside of the window and there were many fag butts.   they said they could not guarantee I would have a less smelly room if they changed apartments.  I left.

Am sorry but plenty of other caravan parks can guarantee non smoking accomodation. What about smoke detectors???  signs???? Smoking shelters outside??? Bins for ciggarette ends seven paces form the apartments??? Fo gods sake HAVEN move with the times.

I have another break booked for March. I will be seeking a full refund for both.
So I am complaining - loudly to head office, the park

More recently  My mum has not been well and was admitted to hospital ( She is in a care home and has advanced dementia and alzheimers) I made a mercy dash but there is little I can do. I spoke to doc  as I am POA but the others who live closer have taken over now. Its awful and tragic and horrible and foul disease and I pray for her to be taken painlessly, peacefully and for her to have the serenity and  dignity of a calm passing. She gets so very agitated sometimes. She has no quality of life, is unable to recognise anyone, take part in anything, eat solid tasty food or attain happiness or joy from anything. She is doubly incontinent, unable to walk, she is contracted and stiff and to move her is difficult and causes her pain and discomfort and fear.

My car insurance is due  - quote £904!!! I think not - will be shopping around. 
I need a utilites deal however am not sure about the hassle of changing and paying off bills and starting again.  Hmmm Now is the time  to do it most likely as I should be in credit from summer.

Second house viewing - same couple.  Fingers crossed.