Saturday, 19 November 2011

Weekend!!! and the weeks happenins!

Update on the housing situation - I may have a housing association house with garden. I meet with the rep tomorrow to discuss however I am still waiting on a completion date and the searches to be returned for this place. Pooo! but we have plan b so that's ok.

Weeny girl is an Angel in her school Nativity. Looking forward to this one!  :-)))))

Quiet weekend so far and will be - we have Thai curry this evening made form the excess coconut milk that I freeze when making other Thai curry's - too much in a can for one dish so the excess is poured into little tubs to freeze.

Also when passing Asda I happened upon the reduced clothing ( children's line) and we purchased two new tops for £3 and one for £2 and a dress with pink polo neck for a fiver. Dress is away for Christmas. Sh ecan have the tops on her return from other families. She was crying this morning when I left her - I hate it.

B and I recycled my clothes bags ( TD clothing/enviro clothes)- was paid £26 quid for them so not bad. Paid for the days expenses.

I made Chili yesterday - enough for B and I to stuff ourselves on and two meals in the freezer for lunches etc etc I mix the excess with extra rice so its good to go on defrosting.   My chili is ace - even the Mexican food addict that is B agrees.

we have a pork shoulder for tomorrow. Only £3.42 and I will keep the excess for sweet and sour.

Doing the domestics tomorrow. Boss at work not adverse to the four day week idea but need to wait till new person is in post as one of my team is leaving to go travelling.

Ahh the weekend. B is here and he is working in his lap top waiting on Sheffield Wed game to be broadcast ( Radio) and then rugby on the TV. Bless keeps him happy.

His birthday soon - Lord knows what I will get him. Something small - we only do little gifts - or rather he likes little things that are very personal to him ( last present was a tiny enamel  sheff wed badge with a poppy- he was dead chuffed  -an ebay find)

Thinking caps on!