Monday, 2 January 2012

Am going to write my resolutions on Weeny Girls blackboard which sits in the living room.

1. Be a more patient mother. Shout less talk more.  I have slipped into bad habits. This is not good for our relationship. I can focus now. No Excuses.
2. Cook something new each week - frugally of course! Add to my repertoire using leftovers, back of the fridge, yellow stickered goods.
3. Get fitter and loose some weight. I bought three full length evening gowns approx three years ago for some militiary functions. They do not fit anymore. They need to fit again,
4. Save and pay off debt. yes the frugal challenge - should be higher up the list really!
5. See more of friends/family who live further away. I will be visiting London, Scotland and as such should combine visits  and catch up.
6. Take the weeny camping again
7. Once the four day week has been mastered!!!  Dancing lessons for the weeny and maybe some horse riding if we can.
( Piano would be nice but I have no where to put an upright anymore.... .. well unless I got rid of a chair...... and siad piano would need tuning and I know nothing of music stuffs.).
8. Justify any further clothes purchases till at least September. I have everything I need in abundance as does Weeny girl who ok may grown out of shoes.
9. freecycle all other requirements - carpet, paint, plants etc etc etc
10. Do one nice thing for the Biggles at least once a month - something special nice not just general nice!

that was the ADRIAN MOLE ten now for the biggie....

I need to decide on a few things...

career stuffs - circumstances outwith my control may effect this ... house exchange in good time for example.

I shall make enquiries to sources tomorrow.

Home ownership or pension investment???? 

The last one is the biggie . Any suggestions??? or advice???