Monday, 12 December 2011

Letter to Santa

We posted our letter to Santa - popped it in the post box . It is filled with pink sparkly glitter so will cheer up the posties when they get it. I our address in as well. See if Royal Mail reply.. They used to given the time. We may have left it late or they may not do it anymore.

We need to wrap pressies and bake. Biscuits - to be given to friends, jam tart things as weeny doesn't like mince pies, choc brownies, maybe some tiffin..... All good to cut up and give as gifts. need some paper bags or plastic wrapping. Ok maybe not the jam tarts - we will scoff the lot!!!

Also need to pay for more sodding swimming lessons £68 for the term!!!! Ahhhhh   We will carry on. I need to hand the cheque over this week sniff.

No news on moving. I sign for new tennancy beginning on 19th so will have to stump up rent as well as mortgage for a while. grrr solicitors.

Santa visit may be out this year. The Alnwick Garden is charging £5 plus enterance to the garden. Sorry I only want Santa.  Not paying the extortionate entry fee or the silly hot choc prices.