Thursday, 27 October 2011

The weekend looms large..............

The weekend! Lots to do!

Biggles who is having a horrendous time at work - uber stress and me not being a happy bunny does not help. I don't give him too much of my crap but he knows how deep the shit is! He is not stupid. He is driven about work. Loves the queen and the raf!  ho hum.  Well he will be resident this weekend starting with tomorrow night. He is working all weekend keeping us safe and is also on call. Dashing hofficer that he is.. not!!! Yorkshire tyke more like!

Saturday we have swimming followed by a trip to Kingston Park tesco to meet ebay buyers and Auntie Gog- a dear old chum aka Georgia. We shall catch up and buy bread buns two cheap birthday party toys and some uniform for the first day at nursery school on Monday!  Then back to North northumberland to prer for out spooky night bus ride and witch competition. Biggles is joining us at this point after town we are back for a barbecue - last one in the house - unless it is pishing down!!! barbecue will be off on its journey to the tip/freecycle as I will not be taking it with me. Sigh - makes a great fire pit as well!

Sunday we have halloween crafts ! Pumpkin carving and the making of goblin cakes ( fairy cakes but in green with green and black icing and goblin poo - choc shavings to sprinke over the top/make into cobweb designs!

Missed out on the tickets for spooky tales at barter books - pity woudl have been  lovely.
   The old railway station is  home to Barter Books!

 Fabulous places to sit and peruse a book or twelve while you have a coffee and dogs are very welcome. Kids need to be kept under control howeverv :-)

Lots and lots of books - all second hand, collector editions,  general tat - its all there!

Shame - it really is worth a look if you are everNorth of Newcastle and a must if you like old books!

Should do more pics of where live - its rather stunning and has some cool nooks and crannies if you know where to go!

Meals for this weekend - (only really plan for when there are three of us- other wise weeny girl also known as Roo and I eat alot of sandwiches, chopped raw veg, beans , toast etc. Saves time and money. Weeny gets fed at nursery at about 4-4:30 so does not eat excessively in the evenings. Its more of a supper.)

Tuna and Cheese baked potatoes and salad
Burgers, buns salad
chicken sundays dinner on the cheap!

Lunches will be crumpets, beans on toast, cheese toasties with some salad veg and fruit.

Making fairy sorry goblin cakes on Sunday as mentioned - keep Biggles in snacks at work lol He is partial to a tiny little sponge in its own cake case with sugary icing and sweeties on top! lol  And you thought Weeny and I made them for fun!!!!  lol  She loves it! 

Enjoy Samhain - blessings be.  xxxxx Eeek

Weeny Super Brave!!!

Weeny had her pre school injections to day. She was well prepped in advance and had seen me having bloods taken. I am not squeamish . She was fascinated watching me. So when it was her turn to get two injections she was up for the challenge!!!  I didn't realise it was two in the leg one each! Twitched after the first one then was more twitchy for the second but no tears! Nurse was experienced and quick.

Smiley afterwards, looking for the blood spot - she had a tiny one in one leg so got to dab with a cotton wool ball.  Was very proud of my little toughy!!!

Bless her. I love her so much.

Happy pills started today. Waiting for them to take the edge off things. I have taken them before and hope they kick in soon.

Found it.... a good thing happens?? maybe more????

Found my ring today. old engagement ring from marriage years ago. nice - thought I had lost it. keeping it for weeny for inheritance jewellery type stuff. Turns out I was not as stupid as I thought I had been and had put it in a safe place after wearing it to a wedding do at the end of September. Found it and am chuffed.