Friday, 25 March 2011

Sleepy Thursdays and TGI Friday.........

Finished days at school - all went fine - have some research and finishing prep to do. Good news have been offered said job at the local FE college so have accepted and need to hand notice in on Monday!!!!!!!  whay hey - Money not great and I will be working full time again but at least when I come home I can focus on the small child properly rather than be stressed about targets, doing crappy admin that I should be able to do during work hours and not rely on my personal broadband connection!!! Its more money but still nothing close to the previous salary  or the hourly rate I am on working part time and I will be travelling everyday but  its not a horrendous target driven job and I am no longer Pauline from the League of Gentlemen!!!! yay No more ''Pens are our friends Mickey love''

Treated oneself to a a necklace and two flowery tops - no labels in them just liked them. All second hand!!!

Me and weeny  girl will be shed and gardening tomorrow and maybe some hand/finger/foot painting!!!

Fell asleep early yesterday - We went to bed early to snuggle! We are off to bed again now after the Friday ritual of  Doctor Who!  Biggles keeping the terrorists away this weekend monitoring the skies for threats and erratic plane type things. Thai curry tomorrow - love it and Sundays dinner on ... you guessed it Sunday all made with Lidl produce and cheapies!!! Ok not the green curry paste or coconut milk but they were bargains too!
PGCE interview next Wednesday see if I get in then see if I can do some financial wizardry and house renting to actually finance the damn thing!

Enjoy the weekend Bloggers!!!!

A much happier Eeek