Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday sunday..........

I wish everyday was like Sunday, time to enjoy and just be. The weather has been bloody awful and I have much organising and such to do - so much going on at the moment thank goodness for the anti deps otherwise I would be standing in a corner facing the wall saying wibble. I am trying  to deal with my debt and make arrangements, I have interviews to prepare for- work to be getting on with for the place of no integrity, and also trying to find my mother a care home in Scotland - she is returning from overseas, we have her name down for a lovely one in Ayr which I really want but need to find an interim one in the mean time as of April 22nd. So all this and parenting which is pretty important after all.

So what do  I ..........   we made very chocolately rice crispy cakes! Using up some rice crackles cereal that Gorgeous one is no longer fond of preferring bran flakes, 30p bar of chocolate, some baking butter, syrup, sugar, cocoa powder and raisins with purple sprinkles that I have had in the cupboard! Very yummy and the process was enjoyed by all! Wee one and I had a long bath and we went for a walk and play in the park. We prepared dinner and I checked work emails. So life 95% work stuff 5%. Thats even too much for a weekend really but I still have a presentation to organise on  a dull as fish subject and do some inputting on he work database at some point ( The hassle of part time work - actually work  a fair wack in three days as compared and in relation to five.)

Will eat dinner, get into pyjamas and then do some proper  work stuff. No problem doing the other stuff just this work crap. I do not get paid enough to work outside of work time. I gernerally when it comes to work/emp;oymnet I prefer to stay late and complete tasks if needed rather then bring my work home. When working in a school  for eg I have always treated it as a 9-5 job and not  taken work home or snuck off early...... mostly lol. And if i am lucky enough to get onto the PGCE I shall treat it similarly - a proper working day each day and holidays treated the same.

Sunday sunday.............. da da da da da da