Thursday, 9 August 2012


An Argos cheapest of the cheap kettle for under £4 lasting all of four years.  Fantastic value if yu ask me. Have had more expensivethat last alot less. So I have bought another cheapie kettle!

Clarkes boots - re soled and heeled and still polish up grand enough for me to wear!

Poundland hair dye - lasts just as long and covers grey in dark brown shade same as expensive but for £1!!!


We are staying at home this week. Biggles bike is not right so has to go back to the mender peoples.  We have so far spent a day in Newcastle - Discovery Museum and done some shopping at TESCO ( Monday). Tuesday - cheap day at the cinema for Weeny and me.  She has only been once before and this time it was 3d. We don't often get the chance. We took our own sweets. Baked fairy cakes. Baked biscuits. Recycled clothes with enviroclothes and made £23 which we three spent on Lunch at a pub with soft play and a walk around a nature reserve lake. ( Wednesday) Today we took in the music festival in Alnwick - ice cream and a slide ride thing.  Tomorrow we are thinking of the beach depending on the wind.

Good stuff!
  • I managed to snaffle three nearly new bras from La senza  via The Sally Army in my normally odd hard to find size for cheap for 1.50 each.
  • Making £23 from enviroclothes and having a no spend lunch out! I feel a bit  bad about not donating to charity but when I go into most charity shops and see the prices I don't feel bad at all. Apparently Enviroclothes ( paying 40p per k) trades clothes at low cost  direct to communities in less wealthy countries. Rags apparently recycled.
  • Weeny's reaction to 3d film!

Bad stuff

  • Not getting the bike back til Tuesday then working out it has to go away again as its not right!
  • Having a facebook debate with a 'friend' about a racist comment to the tune of Only Junkie Foreigners get benefits help these days - those deserving white folks are looked over. I could have picked the statement apart forever but chose to make a point that the local dole offices in the towns in all of Northumberland are dominated by  white coloured British people and maybe more than a  few of them are likley to be drunks heading off to the local cheapie bar Shameless Stylee as soon as they ge their money.   Did nt go down too well ( snigger) but point was made. I have no time for prejudiced people.  Person was  even more thick than I realised when we got into the 'debate'.  My God the same shite arguments are being used twenty years later! Some escheleons of society especially in the provinces will never learn. They think they are multi cultural if there is an Indian takeaway or Chinese within 15 miles.  FFS!
  • Holidays going too quickly
  • Local kids asking if my 4 yr old is allowed out to play at 8pm at night. NO! They are allowed too my freedom IMO around here.  She is not getting into that habit.

We have not managed a no spend day in ages. Well apart from Wednesday where we ran at a profit!

I have loads still to try and do  before work starts again but hey only four days woo hoo!