Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I caved...

Have a ddoctors appt tomorrow for happy tablets. I need them to focus and keep a lid on the anxiety. I will bite the bullet and admit it when one needs some chemical help. I am obsessing at night before bed if I am not watching telly to the small hours to avoid the obsessing that is , on fails- things I have failed to do. achieve etc etc I need to stop and focus and not care as much and I need some conjoured brain hormones to do it!

I also made an appointment to see the homelessness officer - next week see if I can get any help with a council house. I don't want to get rid of my old puss cats nor rent a rubbish flat from a slum lord.   Cheap housing will leave me with more money to pay off my debts and also  start to save and be nicer for weeny girl. Someoutside space would be nice. Not alot but a wee bit.

Ebaying still - some folk are strange. Have two items of furniture  that have been sold to highest bidder.. Collection in person stipulated on advert.  One has ignored me so I may give her a day and then relist. Another asked me to deliver as she claims her car is not big enough for items.  I was taking them half way to work and do not have time to drop off at random address's. made this clear to buyer- not at lunch time or after work and not at the weekend. 

One large item - the buggy I am taking half way as I want to go to tesco's and have combined it with meeting another buyer. So all in not a bad trip and justified by the £45 I will get. The other cheeky can sod off. Next time I shall be strict about collection/COD and state in big letters on the advert - no paypal no sale no collection no sale.  Some folks are just rude.