Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pics as promised and other bits

Well accomplished 80% of the personal admin - only got to pop cheque in the post and ring tax credits. In my defence only received the renewal form in the post  when I got home this evening  and had rung at lunchtime so all good intentions. Awating a call back from Home Front re the central heating.

No cleaning or grass cutting accomplished opted for the park at the bottom of the street and the girls from next door coming in for a play date!!! Much nicer!!!Must try harder and not look for excuses not to clean bathroom properly, wash kitchen floor and cut grass. Grass will wait till Monday when we return  but re the other two jobs I have no excuse!!!
Major packing/organising tomorrow night. Biggles will collect weeny girl early and have her waiting for me at home with the car packed full of our stuff!

Super scrimpers - top tip  IMO- cheapo screen wash!!!
Also apreciated the string over the paint pot - also very practical and the wet newspaper for painting windows - Ace!!!

Barbecue was a recycling dream  - if you had the know how and the tools!

Pictures of finds and preloved donations from chums!! I have left out the washing basket - nothing exciting re that one!


 Shame  one got a bit blurred - it is a riot of colour and the pics don't do it justice. I like just being able to just sling it on at weekends and go out or potter about in it and its dead comfy!!! 
 Weeny one likes her tiger bin and star cushion. All rubbish gets directed to the tiger bin. Novelty eh!
Also scored for a hippie elephant wall hanging long thing but no pic. I love pre loved gifts!!!
Thank you dear Chum - many prayers and blessings and good karma to you. My chum needs it.

I found this funny!!!

I am still uploading to fb using  wi fi on my mobile then down loading from facebook to my laptop.... when I get round to diving into the understairs cupboard I may retrieve the necessary cd software thing!!!

TTFN Peeps