Monday, 3 October 2011

Well the second time viewers had an offer accepted on another ouse so they didn't come for their viewing.
My house sale has dropped to 80k to try to stimulate some interest. This is 18k under what I paid. I need at least 88k to pay estate agent and mortgage. I would then still have to pay for a solicitor. I would be free but would have nothing.

I am not hopeful of anything happening anytime soon. The nights are drawing in. Christmas is only two pay checks away for folk who are paid at the end of the month.

I need to contact the mortgage company to ask them to allow me to start making interest only payments again.   They are sending a form.

Even then who knows how long I can manage for?? Any unexpected  bills and I am buggered,

I hate my job. It is rapidly becomming clear that we are under stafffed and the tasks we have been given is ridiculous. Compared to to other colleges we have a ridiculous amount of work to do with a tiny team.

I hate the hours away from weeny girl - I have missed her babyhood, toddlerhood. This is time lost I shall never get back and everyday more slips away from me. She begins proper school next September.

The payoff for working and missing this was investing money in a house becomming more finanically secure before I could reduce my hours to term time. I am on reflection upset and angry very angry about this. Its losing the time with her  that I am really angry at.  I could have stayed in rented accomodation  and had more time with her.  More time with my daughter. My only daughter.

My petrol costs are crippling. I spend more on petrol than I do on food.

No money, no security and I have lost the most precious time of all.

I feel as if I am waiting to sink. My disposeable income after everything is £6. Some bills - car insurance, utilities all increased, petrol has increased. I pay more council tax now that I am working full time again. I owe more money to friends and on a credit card than I have ever done before - 5k approx. No interest on any of it at the moment. I have 17 months to pay the credit card. I can reduce B 's repayment but would prefer not to.

I need to focus on what I can do however the motivation to tart the house up for it to be sold at a much lower price - making a significant loss - is nil. I have no money to replace carpets, do DIY.

My windscreen has a crack in it and this is another £60 to replace. ( Excess).

Biggles moves to London for work in  8 1/2 weeks.  Will really miss him. Its great just knowing for example that there is someone there for  weeny if my car breaks down.  He can usually help but London is a bit far away. Will see him most weekends but thats not the same.