Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fabulous ebay headboard!

Picked up my fabulous £5 headboard today!!!  It is shabby chic'd already- Pine painted an antique matt cream with gold scuffed inlaid bits - a bit french I think. Picked it up form a lovely  chief air steward who is moving house and does not have the space for it.  Considering the cheapest in Argos is Forty quid and nasty looking I have a find!!!

Weeny girl still wearing boots. We have made cards, drawn spiders oh and had chips and a sausage sandwich and drinks at her cafe in town on the way home. She was very good being dragged all the way to Dunstan for the Headboard this morning so deserved a treat. She loves to sit in the window of the cafe on the window seats and eat her chips like a grown up. We made up for the naff food with a yogurt, kiwi and apple when we came home.

Another interview tomorrow - so am doing prep on internet while Cinderella DVD is on ( thats after I have written this)   Cheap sweet and sour pork with  peppers and rice this evening.  Biggles is coming with me tomorrow and will take the weeny girl to a soft play place and then for lunch and we will have tea later. NB need to pack the buggy for him just in case. That man is a diamond and a life saver- literally!!!

The headboard may inspire me to paint the horrid bland pine and distress it. May even look to change the handles if I can find some cheap enough!!!