Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Sunday...

After an evening of  Italian food and beer ( all home made /drank at home - the last of the christmas beer- we have one can of cider adn a bottle of red left - all pressies we appreciate greatly) we settled down to watch Harry Potter part 8 part 2.  Carbonara, with some veg, pudding was the last of Herman the German Friendship cake with custard. 

Today after a lie in and  breakfast - beans on toast with poached eggs, we said farewell to Biggles ( off on a course in Oxfordshire for 5 weeks so driving down south and setting off at lunchtime) and decided to spend this afternoon at the pastures. The Pastures is accessible land opposite Alnwick Castle on the far bank of the River Aln.  We walked through sheep, and swatched a pair of  swan go about their business before setting down to have a snack  brought from home  of course in Weeny's lunchbox !  Ham sandwiches, fruit, pringles, a biscuit and some juice. We threw sticks in the River Aln and stood very still by a herd of sheep and also discovered sheep poo! She is obsessed by this area of human and mamilian functioning at the moment.

Back home to rewatch the Potter  snuggled on sofa with old cat - Mollie before out late Sundays dinner- Weeny's request - mash pots, chicken and cabbage with carrots and peas and yorkshire puddings and gravy.

I have my phone back now - I was camera less. However now I have no charger so will be using the replacement phone for a while.