Saturday, 14 May 2011

Odd things occuring with Blogger!!

have lost blogs and blog entries are all messed up and not in chronological order. I have also lost comments  that other peeps and myself have made!!!  Hmm the Friday 13th curse doth strike in the cloud and buzz around the ether as well eh!!! And here's me thinking the virtual world might be safe from superstition!!!! lol Silly me!!!

Hope everything is resolved and returned soon!!!
Biggles was stood down from his BT workman drama at silly o'clock before he had to leave which is good but still knacked up our plans.

Soiree last night at chums house for a good old catch up

We have a party to go to so must dash and get wee one ready!   Also have lots of planting ad  garden and domestics ( evil booooo) to do before weeny girl goes to other family for the evening . Biggles collecting a shiney new bike today so have that new addition to look forward to. Am,debating picking up  weeny girl early and doing the animal park as its free. Will see how far I get with chores! Biggles off to Croft some bike do so will not be back till late on Sunday.  Busy busy and I need to get to Lidl!!!