Wednesday, 30 November 2011

House update!!!

No7  - a fortuitous number or so I am told!! Had a look around today- very nice too- mid terrace so warm. Painted neutral colours so perfect to move into - leaving most of the carpets which I am happy with!

I will need to acquire wardrobes ( Freecycle) and probably need to purchase some outdoor storage or some sort for Weeny 's bike, lawn mower etc etc. I can take asll my pots etc etc for flowers so this weekend may begin re planting some of the shrubs in the garden.

Inside fine - though can't recall if there was a shower or not.... Oh well those silly things for the taps it is!! I can cope.

All in all won't need to do much to it straight away.  Though will see nearer the time.

Called the solicitor again... no news on moving. Will ring the estate agent and hassle again. Neither party has a house to sell/buy apart from the one in the middle if you know what I mean so no reason for the delay by my thinking - solicitors being slow and justifying their extortionate fees!

 Had a quiet strike day - made pasta with chorizo. B's mum makes it with a jar of dolmio. I don't do pasta sauces in jars. So passata it was with fried onion, peppers, lots of herbs and spices and garlic, chuck in pasta and the chopped chorizo - good to go!!!

The chorizo was only £1.89 for 200g in lidl.  29p pasatta sauce ( B does not do the texture of tomatoes)  a large on 8p, half a red, yellow and green pepper 40p,  half a bag of pasta 15p,  garlic bread 34p . So all in  about £3 odd  to make four good portions - 0.7875p  per portion used all of it - fed three of us - large meals as we skipped lunch and Weeny had her bit too and I have enough for a goodly lunch  tomorrow too.

My sister has sent a lovely advent calendar with 24 things to put in each of its pockets. Lots of necklaces, pressies, recycled stuff, some jewellery that mummy may steal also lol  We have put up a few christmassy but easy to take down things.

B off to London tomorrow till Sunday or possibly Monday morning to get settled in, sort out phone lines etc etc  Weeny is off to her other families after yet another birthday party on Sunday.   I shall have peace and quiet to get on with de cluttering, gardening, sorting etc etc.

No point in packing till I know when we are off!!!

Long term I will if I can afford it take an OU course in Feb which is also when I intend on going four days per week.  I hope to apply for the PGCE  in Durham  as well to start Sept 2012.   Not sure about podiatry - three years is a long time and the application should be in by January 15th.  GTTR is different.  

I shall apply for a transfer house wise - as Johnnie Johnson have houses in  Chester le Street much closer to the SCITT PGCE base in Newton Aycliffe.   (About 25 miles straight good roads much better than 70 mins and at least 120 mile round trip. ) I may even be able to get a career break from work for the PGCE - who knows???

We have put the reproduction thing to rest. Its not going to happen for us. Shame for B and Weeny both would adore another muchkin. But we will hardly see each other  bar weekends and I am 39 in a month.
So weeny will be an only weeny. Its a real shame.