Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I need to find my camera!!! Positive finds and 'new to me' kitchen stuffs!!

or rather the discy thingamybob that means I can upload photos of finds, gifts, fun stuff to the laptop nd illustrate the blog. Methinks it may be in the old standalone PC which is hiding in the back of the cupboard just in case!!!

I have loads of new kitchen stuff - well new to me! Biggles was having a clear out!! I have had a habit over the years, since my mid twenties of deserting, running for the hills taking only the cats after a relationship cohabitation break up. Even in non cohabiting relationships I never ask for stuff back. I just go - has always been me heading for the hills - I figure if you decide its over then off you go! Anyways my haul of kitchen equipment has never recovered! When I think about the gems I have left behind...... Proper hardy equipment built for longevity - stuff inherited from my mum and granny built in the 50's, 60's 70's to last!

Todays' donations are all  modern type things but am not complaining (- I do enjoy therapeutic cooking - doesn't always turn out how I want but I do enjoy the journey! ) Cake tins, pans, dishes and a deep fat fryer  to be used for special occasion chips!! I can make proper cakes now!!

(Later we christened the 'new to me goods' with cauliflower cheese  avec les bonuses- with added bacon, onions, carrots and broccoli and a few home made oven chips .............followed by pancakes for the Shroves of course)

We had some goods to donate to the Charity shop. - bits that no one needed. (That man had 7 frying pans -for example - I now have three and he has two) While donating  I found a find!!!!!!!!!!!! Brand new dark grey marks and spencer dress suit - for job interviews/course interviews for only £15 - the gods of finds and bargains hath blessed me. It is very 'boring' and only really good for interviews, funerals, serious work days. May be this is a sign of positive things to come...........hmmmm Will have to wait and see...............
 Can't afford it especially after the hike in bills but I really need to keep the good omens on my  side!!

Lots of  fabulous kitsch crockery and If I had the time and money to start a collection then........ahhhhhh sign. lol

Muchos lovos!


A new really useful frugalling site!

A new really useful frugalling site!!!
Chose the option to find alternative tel numbers to the 0870, 0845 numbers that you cannot ring from your mobile without being charged for them - IE they won't come out of your minute allowance.I am assuming this would also be useful for landlines that have free calls and only charge for certain tel numbers!!