Saturday, 24 September 2011


PLodding on..... I have a house viewing tomorrow which is an excellent development however given that the house is on the market for 88k ten grand under the price I paid I do  feel some resentment.... just as I do when I have to clean and tidy and do DIY jobs in order to try to achieve a sale. I will walk away with out debt but with nothing, no nest egg, savings or anything to show for the time spent here. My motivation is low and the resentment at having to get up early to clean floors and make my cheapo priced house more attractive to buyers is great.  I am very very grumpy but praying for a sale.....

Still no further forward on where I will go to. Work going fine, Supposed to be going to Scotland next week but ....... finances, issues etc etc etc 

Work is fine p still too far away and under paid but the actual job itself is challenging, varried and I seem to be doing ok and getting things done  my staff seem happy and working well too so fingers crossed.  But long term its not on balance with other things enough for me to stay around for even if I did live closer to  work..... sigh!