Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Year....


Good things by month
January 2011 - Burns night with friends and weeny girls 3rd Birthday
February 2011 -  Valentines - we always do something just the two of us.
March -  New Job
April : Getting accepted onto a PGCE - ok coulnd take the place but it done the ego good!!
May - Caravan weekend with Biggles and Weeny for Mums birthday in Scotland
June - Camping in the lakes - Ullswater -  finding Nara with weeny and a boat ride
July - Summer - barbecues and the beach! alot
August - Camping in the lakes - keswick - troll hunting
September - A new term! Visiting Scotland and my sisters new home
October - A sold house and halloween and Weenh girls first day at big school
November - A lovely anniversary meal just Biggles and I
December - a new home, and a first nativity play - I couldn't go but B iggles was impressed as was weeny!

Biggles doing well and lovely as ever
Weeny girls troll hunting in the lakes and her speedings development, my mum settled in her care home

bneed to think about what I specifically want to achieve for next year and what I want to do for weeny and Biggles!

Review- the end of 2011.

Well this time last year lol or rather the year before that at the end of 2010 I still felt we had much to be grateful for. B had returned from Afghanistan safely - mentally and physically.  Though I miscarried we were still full of hope for the future.  My house was on the market and thought a reasonable sale may occur and we could plan our lives together with a few bob to cushion us.

We considered postings to Germany and all that it woudl entail!!! returnining to uni, I really did not believe that we would see another Christmas in either Northumberland or as a threesome!

neither of us would  really give two figs about the negative equity and loss of funds if  we could become a foursome.

Lol onwards and upwards eh and as I have nowt left to loose things can only really get better!!

B wants to do well at his job to contribute to his case for promotion to Wing Commander. I hope to be able to have something arranged for September - more training/return to uni etc.  Infact maybe something for Feb through OU.   But these are all consolations really - plan B's

BY next year bar losing weight and getting fitter I woudl liek to have achieved something tangible - or  be in the midst of achieving something tangible. - a qualification or something. I can' t let my self even think about plan A. It has to be put to bed.

Onwards, upwards and forwards the ascent out of the financial mire starts tomorrow lol

Christmas adventures 2. Sheffield to Stirling and home again

We set off on Boxing Day to South Yorks for two nights then journeyed back to Alnwick for a ngiht before heading off again to Scotlandshire - Dollar, Clackmananshire to be precise. Biggles family and my family. We spent the 30th going to Ayr for lunch and to see my mum in her care home.

Lovely time spent with famillies. B and I managed to get to the pub two nights in a row!!!!  My 17 year old neice looked after her little cousin. Whoppeee!!! 

We came back home for new year which is also my birthday ( 39sigh). we ordered a curry for last night curled up on sofa and drank wine. Phew

Today B is having a blast on the bike. I have made some more brownies and have a roast dinner prepped to be cooked for his return around 4ish.

Christmas and other adventures. 1- Pavlova in a gas oven.

After baking ones biscuits and brownies on 23rd having taken delivery of th enew cooker on 22nd ahh I endeavoured to make the pavlova ... ooops   Not as simple using a gas oven as a fan oven. I miss my electric fan oven. sigh

The pavlova cooked on top but not the bottowm and took forever much much longer than the 3hrs it normaly takes.  Anyway it broke up and looked as if we would be having eton mess on Christmas day. It was salvagable and using a quiche dish it looked very nice in the end.

We had our tradditional fajitas on Christmas eve before retiring .. falling into bed.

Woken up at 7:30ish which is good time.  Weeny girl very spoilt. As ever. Loved all the bits and pieces. We took our time with starter and chicken and pavlova before falling into bed again ...

Happy New Year!!!!

Moving house seems like a lifetime ago!!!

Where shall I start.... The move went very well!!!  We were all about done by Friday 23rd which left me some time to do some baking and them prep for Christmas day.

I still have a few things to do online - driving licence, passport etc etc TV licence Ebay etc etc.

The washingachine attachment is leaking so no washer. There is a slight leak in the toilet - where the clean water flushes down to the pan so not a perm leak and I cannot have hot water and heating on at the same time.   Other than that all good. And I don't need to worry about getting them fixed!!! Yipee!!!

House insurance and car insurance have gone up. Car insurance significantly - by £17 per month!!! And £3 per month for contents insurance. I am in credit by £120 to gas/elec. I shall save this for the forthcoming winter bill.

I should get land line, internet connexcted on Friday at some point.... we shall see!!!

I think I may in sections as this woudl be a very long post otherwise!