Thursday, 19 May 2011

Last post till Monday

Off to Scots lander for three nights ! Weather forecast is poor  but  where are I going again???  Am I guaranteed blistering sunshine.. ever..... no - rain- most excellent Scottish weather!!! We have packed for all variables apart from snow! 

I have packed this evening and am really tired. Friday - plans are just to get there and roll into bed. Saturday we need to find food and explore - Beach and Dunure and seeing mum. Sunday its birthday time - so cake, pressies etc. I shall purchase these on Sunday morning.  I will post pics. May take a trip for lunch to Maybole - a village type place down the coast and  a little inland.

See Mum again on Monday before coming home. ( I will gut the grass and wash the floors - I will I will)

Biggles stressed - frustrated at work and unable to ride bike. He is collecting weeny one tomorrow. We are leaving as soon as I get back.

Am shattered- and am really looking forward to a weekend where we have nothing planned and can potter about the house and if its a nice day go to the beach, if not bake cakes etc etc or may be all of that with extra bits!!!
 Here are some weeny girl pics for fun!!! oh and Dunure and beer ice cream and the River Till at Etal, Northumberland over Easter weekend when we had lovely weather!!!

 Brown Ale Ice Cream - no seconds thank you very much, I prefer cold bottles.
 River Till - a tributary of the Tweed! ( I think lol)
  Pretending to be a shop dummy - loving the wig!
 Castle at Dunure - Scotland
My sister and Weeny one near castle making daisy chains

Its a great little cove with a pebble beach, ruined castle, caves, ice cream shop, rock pools and a nice pub

See you soon blogger peeps!!!