Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Back again....

We took in the smoke!

I cooked up 10 meals for Biggles freezer- bolognese, chilli and spicy sausage bean stew as well as cooking when I was there. 

I always add extra to any mince based meal - fillers! grated carrot, oats, extra veg chopped up! It goes that little bit further and its good for you! Dead easy when you have been working long hours to defrost your main and chuck it in the micro wave and add a baked spud, pasta or rice.

Hopefully they will be stretched out! I was generous with portions so he could with added carbs go for two meals esp if he is trying to cut down. This has been explained but we will have to wait and see... I am not hopeful.

We took in the zoo in the smoke. Weeny's choice and Biggles paid! £22 quid each for adult and £17 for Small girl!!!! Bloody buggery shite I nearly choked!   She did enjoy herself however and we spent the whole day freezing though it was!

 Back to the grind we go!!!!

Dancing and swimming and meal planning and work!

We have turned the heating off again! We are back to the oil filled radiator and bed sharing!

Its nearly March for goodness sake! Time to get jiggy with it! Its a use it up from the freezer week !

Meal plan-

 Monday veggie sausages and the last frozen fish piece with frozen chips
Tuesday- steak pie and veg, frozen chicken dinner meal
Wednesday- pizza or eggy bread with beans and beans on toast- possibly a shopping night! so speed is essential!
Thursday- baked potato, beans, cheese, salad
Friday- lasagna with veg - frozen ready made by me!
Sat- Thai Curry - a Saturday staple! Can you tell we like it lots????
Sun- Pasta again I think.... use up the salad. I may make chorizo pasta

I am trying to run down my freezer a little. So am eating the junky quick food this week- All yellow stickered or costing less than £2 for four meals of course! It comes in handy as we didn't shop  much at all last week as we went away on Wednesday.

Its pay day this week so a big - ha ha my version of big shop is in order!

See you later!!!

PS am feeling a bit steam punk and having fun with it!