Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Off galavanting again...

We are back to That London tomorrow evening. Weeny adn I bagged train tickets for £41. Far too good an offer.

Another cheap weekend of things to do. May do VA Museum and Trafalgar and some bridges.... Battersea Park.. walk along the river if  its nice. We return Sunday.

Weeny has a super hero day tomorrow at Nursery school. I have not purchased a specific outfit. I thought Princess was a bit of a cop out and not really a super hero! So she is going as a Nurse- real life super hero!!!  Woul dhave been doctor but I don't have that outfit. I tried to pursuade her to be a police officer but couldn't convince. (we have a hat and cravat thing) Sorry but I don't get super hero for a girl- Wonder Woman is a bit slutty for a four year old,  invisible girls from the fantastic four- nah boring costume!, Super |Girl, Electra - all a bit slutty IMO  Can't think of any others that may be suitable. The little kid from Kick Ass if you have seen the film would be amusing especially at School snigger.

We have made up tea for the train adn I am taking some nibbles with me. it wil lbe far too late to go to the shops etc and Biggles will not get back till Friday afternoon. He is on a course and cannot get the day off. Did n't know that when we booked the tickets- shame!

The seasons are changing I can feel the hills and beach a calling so London may fall out of favour!

Enjoy whats left of the weeks blogging chums!!!