Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Finally home and prepped in about three hours. Well 3hrs just for food. Spent time with W & BB and survived an exploding chestnut. unpacked all sorted. Pressies laid out.

I can relax..... W hyper. B also excited. Hee hee me too. Alot of the grinchy ness has buggered off but this is Weeny girls fault lol There are a finite number of Santa years....

Home is a great place to be.

Merry Xmas to everyone however you choose spend it.
Much to do and itching to be on my way home. I want Weeny snuggled up in her own home watching The Grinch and baking biscuits not having to be worried about making a mess or too much noise.

Mummy needs to:
make soup
bake bread
make merangue
peel veg
prep stuffing and pigs in blankets
stuff the bird and gammon joint
roast chestnuts
bit of unpacking and general tidying
bath and ablutions for us both
leave out santa treats

set the scene.

Nice though it has been I want to leave now.

Lord that sounds ungrateful but I like to get organised. Waiting on the last visitor to arrive then we can be on our way.