Monday, 30 July 2012

Ahhh the day of pay!

Well tis the day of pay and also the day of paying off a last bill! two down one to go!!!

Only 5 more months of a credito card! One one of the 0% interest ones of course. Well worth the juggling. The other final £40 payment is also a 0% interest for 12 months style thing I got from Argos when I purchased the gas cooker christmas rush. I am still looking for a mini oven with hob. if they ever appear in Lidl again I will snap one up.

Weekend was grand. I snaffled a Gas barbecue from Free cycle. I have tried it out once with much charcoaling! IE burnt sausages. I have yellow flame which means I either need a new regulator ( ok cheap enough) or need to clean out the grill - likley need both knowing my luck. Came with a full large gas bottle as well as! Ita a bit tatty but for my purposes all fine. Failing that the scap metal neigbour man can have it!

Hoping to snaffle some wall mirrors as well as a karaoke machine for Weeny and a mountain bike that needs a new chain! Will see how fortuitous I am.  Bike and a mirror would  be good.

Biggles purchased 15 of meat for the barbecue and beyond. He is on leave for the duration of the Limpics. Nom Nom nom! On both counts.

Off to see Mother Biggles in Yorkshire at weekend.
Weeny girls last few days at daycare as she is off to big day care after our hols.

Very relaxed weekend. A few jobs done. Chip away at the mountain and it becomes a hill in time lol