Wednesday, 4 May 2011

FE college!!! Hair cut for £8 and other little gems!!!

After a lovely weekend and time spent with my sister and Biggles, I returned to  work yesterday....... boo  however there is an up side to working in an FE college Cheap haircuts!!! and cheap beauty treatments! Cheap food in the student run restaurant and nice food  - so good spot for lunches you take with friends! 2.50 for a main course of restaurant standard is not bad at all!! ( Won't be many of these however)  Hair cuts and hair removal of the epilation stylee for £2 a session may be indulged!!!

I would like to see them roll out their services to include painting and decorating and other household maintenance They have a joinery and carpentry departments,  plumbing, gardening (- horticulture) am a sure simple maintenance service would be very very popular! 

Some car valeting ( FREE)  goes on  but only for the chosen few - I feel I may try to wheedle my way into this group!!!

I would def recommend checking out your local  FE college if you want some ultra cheap pampering and lunch!!! Most colleges will have a working salon, spa and restaurant!! Downside would be that they are only available term time! Some offer an evening service - check it out!!!  The student let loose on my hair  who done a very good job was an experienced level three student. This means they have studied for at least two years  possibly three prior to being let loose and have passed qualifications and several placements in working salons outside of college.It will cost me just as much to get Weeny girls hair cut!!! They do not take children under 12 which is pants!!!

I think a treat or two may be in order for the princely sum of £2-3- not a bad to while away your lunch hour and for a self esteem boost every so often its cheaper than regular salons and you help a young person learn and achieve! I shall update you with my adventures in FE college as they happen!!!

I also have an invite to a free day/look around at the new college animal gardens! The weeny one will appreciate this. I have actually already been  but will indulge again!!! 

I like cheap and free!!