Saturday, 17 December 2011

Am sorry but I am really sickened by the OTT adverts for food and gluttony at Christmas. Its a day.
The waste is disgusting.

The food for our day will not be wasted. We have chicken and get a corn fed one from the butchers as a Turkey even a Turkey crown is far too much.

Some spuds, carrots, brussels, cauliflower and brocoli, stuffing, and a few pigs in blankets. make our own sauce - white, cheese and good old gravy - all done.

Pea soup - frozen pea soup - home made bread -starter

Two bottles of wine and a few beers (4) is  more than enough and lasts for Boxing day jollities as well - thats for two people and we often have stuff left. Doesn't go to waste can keep till new year!

Pavlova - home made with berries fruit etc as we don't do pudding or cake, (few home made short bread biccies/fairy cakes for weeny girl to make) Nice with a cup of tea.

Where do you have room for all the rest unless you are having a party on another day??? 

Ridiculous and wasteful if you ask me.

Never enough room for supper..... and it would be chicken sandwiches or cheese board snacks there was.

Why do I need to purchase sausage rolls, prawn rings, bottles of baileys.... Silly silly silly.

Will prob spend an extra £30 all in. Pah!   Get fed for two days with leftovers for soup, curry etc etc and pavlova lasts us at least four days puddings.

Frenzied food shopping - There is just no need. Please people - give your greedy money to charity rather than defrost your prepacked sausage rolls and end up chucking them in the bin.

Tut tut tut

Shops open again by Tuesday!

Eeek  Off to pack some more.

Stuffed again!!!


Bloody bloody hell

Have bit bullet and purchsed cooker on interest free credit for 1yr. ( See above issue) means I get a reasonably decent cooker ( investment) Gets delivered 22nd and fitted hopefully as long as both have right gas lock thing.

Have wrapped pressies and sorted to store at Biggles place. Am attacking each room individually. And cleaning as I go and labling etc.

Glad Ebay sorted Weeny girls christmas.

Also had to pay for  Swimming lessons -  I had this set aside. Once you start you just can't stop. It would be silly and a waste of money.

Internet, phone, tv fitted 6th January! Should be able to take morning/day off work.

How will I survive!!!!