Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Guess who got the Fathers Day Card.....

I have a naff one up and up boss - senior level not direct boss who is fab. Really silly chap and very sneaky. likes to use big silly words -sometimes out of context and just for effect. He is infuriating and the source of much stress to all. Sigh on the up side its great working at the land based industries campus - agricultural college type out in the kind of sticks!!!  Appears more remote than it is!! Lots of lambs abound in the fields lining the drive which is very pleasant.

Other than that - tried the sun dried tomato ladder bread yesterday - oh delicious and went well with the pizza we had.  Left overs for today's lunch! Popped to a friends after work with weeny girl so that we could have a brief catch up then home for quick tea and bed.  Biggles called round - 8pm ish. Weeny still up.

At nursery they were making fathers day cards. She decided at nursery that her card was for Biggles....  for Fathers day. SHE decided. I have no influence on this.  Funny - Her choice says a great deal.  The nursery workers explained that it was her choice and as they know I am single mum with a long term relationship also found it a bit amusing.  Biggles was most touched by weeny's gesture... something he didn't think he would ever receive/experience.
Bless them both.  Yes we are trying to extend the pack but being 1.5 years off 40 ...its not so easy.

Ho hum Camping prep tomorrow night before the big trip!!!  Dead excited. We have trialed the tent!!! All equipment present and correct just need clothes to pack and some gas

See soon!!