Monday, 7 March 2011

Bills, Bills and More Bills..........

After a lovely weekend Monday heralds the arrival of Bills! Broadband and mobile have both gone over download limits and I have some call charges - extra tenner on broad band and seven quid on the mobile! I will investigate. Also service charge has increased for this year by  £10 and my electricity by £20. Ahhhhhhh that's an extra £47 to find this month!!!!  Am on track with shopping however and I will not compromise further as I have a child to feed who deserves decent food. £ 40 for our entire food, household stuff budget I feel is pretty reasonable.

I shall monitor the  electricity and give another reading in a month. I am incredibly frugal int his area. I only use one storage heater - living room and it will be turned off very soon.  I think it may have been the rotten winter we had. Last year I was away for three weeks and did work full time to I suppose less electricity used during the day. Though TV and PC really can't use that much for an additional two days. I am a bit flabbergasted re the increase by 33% effectively!!!!!!!!!

I have a download monitor now- I really don't get how I have gone over my limit as I don't download anymore as I have a BT Vision box. Also the mobile must be 08 numbers or something as I never use my limit!!! One shall investigate and analyse more tomorrow.

Plus side I went to the tip and got rid of the wood weighing down the car. I as late home framework so we had pizza for tea - They cost £1 each and we had 2.5 and a garlic baguette with cucumber and extra cheese.  Biggles collected the gorgeous one from nursery so we had tea together. I would have been completely stuck without him. On that note I need to really find a more compatible job with some integrity. The wages are barely acceptable and I have to travel lots even for three days so financially less money  may make sense in a strange kind of way. And I hate it.

Ho ho on with the totaling of pennies spent in the frugal notebook!