Wednesday, 30 November 2011

House update!!!

No7  - a fortuitous number or so I am told!! Had a look around today- very nice too- mid terrace so warm. Painted neutral colours so perfect to move into - leaving most of the carpets which I am happy with!

I will need to acquire wardrobes ( Freecycle) and probably need to purchase some outdoor storage or some sort for Weeny 's bike, lawn mower etc etc. I can take asll my pots etc etc for flowers so this weekend may begin re planting some of the shrubs in the garden.

Inside fine - though can't recall if there was a shower or not.... Oh well those silly things for the taps it is!! I can cope.

All in all won't need to do much to it straight away.  Though will see nearer the time.

Called the solicitor again... no news on moving. Will ring the estate agent and hassle again. Neither party has a house to sell/buy apart from the one in the middle if you know what I mean so no reason for the delay by my thinking - solicitors being slow and justifying their extortionate fees!

 Had a quiet strike day - made pasta with chorizo. B's mum makes it with a jar of dolmio. I don't do pasta sauces in jars. So passata it was with fried onion, peppers, lots of herbs and spices and garlic, chuck in pasta and the chopped chorizo - good to go!!!

The chorizo was only £1.89 for 200g in lidl.  29p pasatta sauce ( B does not do the texture of tomatoes)  a large on 8p, half a red, yellow and green pepper 40p,  half a bag of pasta 15p,  garlic bread 34p . So all in  about £3 odd  to make four good portions - 0.7875p  per portion used all of it - fed three of us - large meals as we skipped lunch and Weeny had her bit too and I have enough for a goodly lunch  tomorrow too.

My sister has sent a lovely advent calendar with 24 things to put in each of its pockets. Lots of necklaces, pressies, recycled stuff, some jewellery that mummy may steal also lol  We have put up a few christmassy but easy to take down things.

B off to London tomorrow till Sunday or possibly Monday morning to get settled in, sort out phone lines etc etc  Weeny is off to her other families after yet another birthday party on Sunday.   I shall have peace and quiet to get on with de cluttering, gardening, sorting etc etc.

No point in packing till I know when we are off!!!

Long term I will if I can afford it take an OU course in Feb which is also when I intend on going four days per week.  I hope to apply for the PGCE  in Durham  as well to start Sept 2012.   Not sure about podiatry - three years is a long time and the application should be in by January 15th.  GTTR is different.  

I shall apply for a transfer house wise - as Johnnie Johnson have houses in  Chester le Street much closer to the SCITT PGCE base in Newton Aycliffe.   (About 25 miles straight good roads much better than 70 mins and at least 120 mile round trip. ) I may even be able to get a career break from work for the PGCE - who knows???

We have put the reproduction thing to rest. Its not going to happen for us. Shame for B and Weeny both would adore another muchkin. But we will hardly see each other  bar weekends and I am 39 in a month.
So weeny will be an only weeny. Its a real shame.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Another week.....Solicitors....

I have a house! I can move in 19th December. I just need the soddin lawyer to get their act together. I shall hassle tomorrow!!!

Other than that good news the weekend was quietly busy lol.  After swimming and party weeny girl had a melt down of epic proportions so we did not go out for tea nor did we go to the Christmas lights.  Her punishment for the horrible behaviour trying to hit anyone who got in her way after not getting her way was no treats and time out.

I coached B in the art of making curry! just easy ones using makway sauce! He needs the practice.  One large chicken breast, a pepper, onion and some added spices and we were good to go! Dead easy and simple and he done good!!! 

Sundays dinner we went for chicken and bacon lasagne - with loads of veggies to pad it out some raw spinach and salad bits.  Made enough for the three of us and four meals to freeze. not bad for one chicken breast and six slices of bacon plus and the left over veggies - pepper, onion, sweetcorn, carrot, peas.

Was lazy tonight and we had sandwiches for tea and cheese on toast with some pepper and onion chopped and placed under the cheese for B.

Am pondering podiatry.... there is a course at \New College Durham and if I could get a house exchange before it starts and if they will have me on the course it may be a possibility..... I shall have to wait and see.

Something to investigate - on strike on Wednesday - day with the small one and Biggles who is on leave before his big job move!!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

and we are half way through the week....

House update
Both parties in sale would like to move by Christmas!!! This is good. 
Waiting on searches from management company - have received local council ones. The extra searches cost me £138 up front - OUCH OUCH OUCH

Looks promising for the social housing house.  Fingers crossed eh!

Not long till Biggles starts his London Job sniff sniff. Oh well best laid plans of mice and men and just because you really want something doesn't mean it is ever going to happen.... such is fate and life.

So no plans for Christmas yet - his family, mine.... London trip... who knows.

Work fine, have a day at our Agricultural and land based industries campus on Friday which is always nice.

Saturday we have swimming and then a birthday party. Sunday will depend on the weather. 

Oh and yet another party invite popped up! SO another present to find. Grrrr  oh well part and parcel of the small child thing.

made sausage rolls yesterday using yellow stickered puff pastry - 99p for two blocks - i only used one block. Was able to make 8 sausage rolls using 99p Walls pork sausages and also two pasties using cheese, ham red pepper and onion. Fed me, Biggles and Weeny and I have four left over for lunches.
Added some cheapie baked beans and we had a great retro tea.

Have eaten soup - form the freezer and defrosted some stewed plum which were lovely and the syrup was to die for..... keeps you regular am sure.

Ho Hum lets see how December goes????

Love ya  Eeek

PS found a Sheff Wed coaster and Mug for B from weeny for Christmas. he loves stuff like that. Can have them personalised as well. Jolly good things he can take into work for his new desk. He is an avid die hard fan bless him its a rocky road being an owl.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Weekend!!! and the weeks happenins!

Update on the housing situation - I may have a housing association house with garden. I meet with the rep tomorrow to discuss however I am still waiting on a completion date and the searches to be returned for this place. Pooo! but we have plan b so that's ok.

Weeny girl is an Angel in her school Nativity. Looking forward to this one!  :-)))))

Quiet weekend so far and will be - we have Thai curry this evening made form the excess coconut milk that I freeze when making other Thai curry's - too much in a can for one dish so the excess is poured into little tubs to freeze.

Also when passing Asda I happened upon the reduced clothing ( children's line) and we purchased two new tops for £3 and one for £2 and a dress with pink polo neck for a fiver. Dress is away for Christmas. Sh ecan have the tops on her return from other families. She was crying this morning when I left her - I hate it.

B and I recycled my clothes bags ( TD clothing/enviro clothes)- was paid £26 quid for them so not bad. Paid for the days expenses.

I made Chili yesterday - enough for B and I to stuff ourselves on and two meals in the freezer for lunches etc etc I mix the excess with extra rice so its good to go on defrosting.   My chili is ace - even the Mexican food addict that is B agrees.

we have a pork shoulder for tomorrow. Only £3.42 and I will keep the excess for sweet and sour.

Doing the domestics tomorrow. Boss at work not adverse to the four day week idea but need to wait till new person is in post as one of my team is leaving to go travelling.

Ahh the weekend. B is here and he is working in his lap top waiting on Sheffield Wed game to be broadcast ( Radio) and then rugby on the TV. Bless keeps him happy.

His birthday soon - Lord knows what I will get him. Something small - we only do little gifts - or rather he likes little things that are very personal to him ( last present was a tiny enamel  sheff wed badge with a poppy- he was dead chuffed  -an ebay find)

Thinking caps on!

Sunday, 13 November 2011


 My rather attractive chap - sorry about the annotation but rules is rules.

Yes we are in a public convenience but had forgotton to get one of us together so had to improvise!

Biggles was dead smart!

 The service was lovely - Duke of Northumberland in tow, marching band, last stand played well adn the local old timers marched really well. Proud day all round for those in service, those who have been in service, and those we shall never forget. Love you Dad.

(I like Rememberance Day as a way to remember my Dad its nicer than this is the day you died of a horrible disease)

Well we made it  through and Weeny was very well behaved! She was very impressed by Biggles in his Number 1's and even saluted. Bless! Will post pics when I have anotated - can't show faces in uniform fraid!
We wore our second hand clobber with pride - me in a marks and spencer autograph grey suit, Weeny in her purple frock. All pre loved bar the shoes and knickers.

Also this weekend I made two large batches of soup - lentil and veg and chicken noodle. Mmmmmm

We were also bargainous over the weekend as well - got new cardy ( preloved ) and a Next denim skirt ( £3)  for weeny and a work top and black cardy pour moi for £3 also.

Superdrug are now making their own brand perm hair dye so have purchased to try. Only £3.50! me likey!

Tis the season for the bread maker me thinks - fresh home made bread goes so well with home made soup.

Off to watch some telly with A cuddley well behaved Weeny in our pyjamas already and under a blanket. Not long till we retire to bed.

Sleep well peeps

Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance day and the weekend. Am poppying with pride.

We cannot wait - we have alovely weekend ahead.. again.

Duckings, a haricut for weeny then a party for her by which time Biggles may have recovered from his officers mess do dah wotsit dining out night! He is leaving his job for the new one soon so gets dined out and a formal tarrah said! Lots of food and alcohol for free!!! He may surface around 2pm if we are lucky lol

On Sunday we have a remembrance day parade./service which we are going to all together poshed up. Biggles will be in Number 1's and Weeny is very excited. There is a parade of soldiers - she doesn't really distinguish between RAF and soldiers but gets that they all go to war adn do brave things. She is dead excited. there will be a helicopter fly by as well and the Duke of Northumberland makes an appearance.

We will be wearing our poppies with pride and remembering my Dad too. He was in the navy from 1939-1946. he dies when I was 13 so Weeny has never met him. She will inherit his naval stuff however and is kind of named after him - he was a James and  she is a Jessica and she has my surname in her name. Both J Westbrooks. Was the closest I could get with the ex.  We have his pictures up and old ones from WW2. bit of history for her.

I often wonder what my Dad would have made of Biggles. Firm handshakes and would probably straighten his shoulders a lot lol and would have loved the officers mess.  Would have loved to have taken him. He liked the old queeny and would have stood to attention with pride at the national anthem and toasts to the old girl and been very honoured to have been taken there by Biggles.  And any mention of Lord Mountbatten would have set him off! He met him many years ago and thought he was ace.

Hope he is smiling somewhere!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Monkfish Jag Jul and other pillion tales

Curry was lovely - had a steaming hot Monkfish Jag Jul. Super hot so couln't finish it completely but ate all the fish!  Company excellent. Sunday we whizzed off to Jedburgh on B's bike.  Had a coffee at the Edinburgh  woollen Mill then came back across the Carter Bar border and past Kielder Reservoir.

Am very tired. B came for dinner and we are now plonked on sofa with weeny... need to attempt a bath............ and get ready for tomorrow. Super stiff from riding pillion!

Enjoy what's left of Sunday!!!

View from Carter Bar - Land of the Border Reivers!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Date Night!

Hair cut, weeny at the other familiy this evening ( we think - unless she gets upset and wants to come home and other family can be arsed to bring her.. sigh) Biggles  has booked table at new curry house in town!  Tarted up! Even got the make up out Whoo hoo! Bit of a 60's style goth theme gannin on with smokey eyes - I like it, Biggles will shake head most probably lol.   A few beers in the John Bull - Old drinkers pub in  a residential side street that stocks 135 different Malt Whiskeys and very nice European Lagers and other ales. No music, just conversation, It smells a bit but  a proper pub none of this wine bar crap or trendy sofa style seating and lighting - PROPER PUB! Dart board. Stools. Crisps and pork scratchings behind bar! A few beers then a bit of marsala lol (no will be something more authentic me thinks!)  new restaurant owners also own a restaurant in South Shields Ocean road - also known as curry street. It is the best place to go for a curry in the North East.  So its very yummy!

Bought new to me trousers for work - Next Black £2. baragain - need to take them up however.

Follow the link
The buggers - the link changes to the entire gallery!  Poo. Anyway if you can be bothered to search we are at the top of page 16 I think in October 11.
Follow the link to me and Weeny in the paper!  Can't copy and paste unfortunately and the buggers make you pay for copies. Biggles has bought one for me though. Bless him.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Busy Busy

Weeny all good at school and new child care breakfast club. Sticking iwth the old one after nursery as they collect and stay open till six. Howeer I can drop off earlier get into work a bit earlier and get back a bit earlier- will see how this goes.

Council appt not too bad - once am prioirty can start bidding on houses in the area I want- no time scale.. how long is a piece of string!    Need to get letters from solicitors etc then I will be prioirty and can also apply to Housing associations who only advertise 50% of their stock on the homefinder council site.

 Had a few ebay hiccups - some cheeky people out there buying and paying for the price but not including postage and then asking me to send it to Eastern Europe but sell it for a lower price!!! I think not ! £12 is £12 and I only wanted £35 for  the item in total. ( RRP when new 89.00+)

Anyhoo other than that have a few more items to sell some clothes and bits and pieces any thing left over a friend and I will car boot. I still have to do Enviroclothes for extra pennies. I am going through linen and have a few items my sister and neice may like so I will hang on till  they have said yay or nay  and also gold to sel - Hatton garden metals me thinks as recommended by Hard Up Hester and martin money saver dude.

The crappy caravan Haven holiday has not offered any refunds only credit notes in my name only. No use to me ! Only site I wish to stay at is Caraig Tara in Ayrshire near my mum and I won't be going back there again. I shall argue the toss. Its £42.50 for one holiday and was £67 for the other.

Have alot of nervous energy at the moment.  Quite odd.

Still need to get Bonfire night sorted for weeny. We are having Fireworks and fajitas on Friday with a fire pit!  She is away on Saturday to the other place that has no name. I doubt she will want to stay over night but we shall see. Not sure what we shall burn - may make some paper Guy Fawkes with her tomorrow. Bit barbaric really for a three year old me think s but its a bit of history!

Halloween trick or treating was fine. We went around  the cul de sac - Neighbours don't mind too much and put up decorations if they are holding halloween. You don't knock if  no sign of halloween celebrations which I think is fair enough. A sort of code.

Halloween pictures out on Thursday so I wait with  baited breath!!!!

Keep well frugal peeps!!!!!!