Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Busy Busy

Weeny all good at school and new child care breakfast club. Sticking iwth the old one after nursery as they collect and stay open till six. Howeer I can drop off earlier get into work a bit earlier and get back a bit earlier- will see how this goes.

Council appt not too bad - once am prioirty can start bidding on houses in the area I want- no time scale.. how long is a piece of string!    Need to get letters from solicitors etc then I will be prioirty and can also apply to Housing associations who only advertise 50% of their stock on the homefinder council site.

 Had a few ebay hiccups - some cheeky people out there buying and paying for the price but not including postage and then asking me to send it to Eastern Europe but sell it for a lower price!!! I think not ! £12 is £12 and I only wanted £35 for  the item in total. ( RRP when new 89.00+)

Anyhoo other than that have a few more items to sell some clothes and bits and pieces any thing left over a friend and I will car boot. I still have to do Enviroclothes for extra pennies. I am going through linen and have a few items my sister and neice may like so I will hang on till  they have said yay or nay  and also gold to sel - Hatton garden metals me thinks as recommended by Hard Up Hester and martin money saver dude.

The crappy caravan Haven holiday has not offered any refunds only credit notes in my name only. No use to me ! Only site I wish to stay at is Caraig Tara in Ayrshire near my mum and I won't be going back there again. I shall argue the toss. Its £42.50 for one holiday and was £67 for the other.

Have alot of nervous energy at the moment.  Quite odd.

Still need to get Bonfire night sorted for weeny. We are having Fireworks and fajitas on Friday with a fire pit!  She is away on Saturday to the other place that has no name. I doubt she will want to stay over night but we shall see. Not sure what we shall burn - may make some paper Guy Fawkes with her tomorrow. Bit barbaric really for a three year old me think s but its a bit of history!

Halloween trick or treating was fine. We went around  the cul de sac - Neighbours don't mind too much and put up decorations if they are holding halloween. You don't knock if  no sign of halloween celebrations which I think is fair enough. A sort of code.

Halloween pictures out on Thursday so I wait with  baited breath!!!!

Keep well frugal peeps!!!!!!


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  1. I miss Guy Fawkes Day. I lived in England (Wolverhampton) for a summer, so I still celebrate, when I can remember to do it.

    I have the nervous energy too. I stopped my antidepressants after taking them for many years, so it's likely it's that.

    Love you. Glad Weeny and you are well.