Thursday, 21 June 2012

The weekend doth approach!!!!

I like me a Thursday - the end is nigh!!!! Of the week that is.  No great plans - usual swimming then a trip to look at the Durham village I may consider gracing with my presence for the next few years.

Weeny girl is adopting a fantastic fashion sense. It helps that she has a plethora of clothes - hand me downs, some bought for her and some bought second hand.

Yesterday she went out in leopard spot leggins under a long pink maxi dress with a furry Gillette! She looked cool as. I let her choose her garb when she gets changed from school before she plays out with some little pals. They don't go far - just the front of the houses in case you were worrying. She is only four after all.

I wear boring work stuff so my begin a weeny's mad fashion outfit post. She chooses jewellery and other accessories as well.  Its cute. Well I think so.

Down to the last £50 and a week till pay day. I need petrol and some bits of food.
 Tom sauce, bread, milk, fruit, ham,  I can cope with the rest.

We will be eating

Thursday - Hmmm not sure yet - See what cheap delights there are in Morrisons! Yellow Stickers!!!!
Friday - Thai Curry
Saturday - Lemon Chicken
Sunday - Cheap turkey roast.

Biggles is off to Knock Hill racing thing on Sunday. he has won a pillion trip around the circuit with a Superbikes rider dude of who's name I have forgotten. We are staying at home. he will be back late Sunday night before heading off again on Monday.

Weeny and I will do stuff on Sunday depending on the weather. Inside crafty things or a mooch in the park I reckon.

Hulne Park maybe which is the Duke of Northumberlands personal playground and open to the Serfs who live in Alnwick. No swings but an abbey ( ruined) a folly and some other bits.

View across the county
Brizlee Tower

I do live somewhere pretty. Though County Durham is nice too and needs must. Am not lookign forward to moving Weeny girl and heading off in to the unknown.  At least at the moment I know I can feed and clothe her but if I don't do anything nothing will change....... Sigh.