Saturday, 19 March 2011

Disappearing Frugal Queen???

Has frugal queen disappeared or is it just me??  When I try to access her blog  - Zilch, Nada, Nowt! Do hope she hasn't given up the ghost or her blog has become lost in the ether!!!Her frugal example is excellent! Much missed Frugal Queen!!! 

Drying outside is lovely and makes your clothes smell so fresh!!!


And now feeling guilty over the uneccessary spend, use of petrol and wasting of time...... oh well tis done now. Must do better next time!!!. Found out today that council tax is only going to be £43 per month so that alleviates the guilt a little!!

I cannot help myself..........tales of a waistcoat, jelly mould and barbie!

Have managed  one of the things on my list so far! But did nip out after dropping off the Weeny Roo with her 'other family' to help a chum with an application form! On the way back drove through Morpeth and told myself would only call in at the charity shops for a perusal  if I could find an easy peasy high street parking spot!!  not easy in Morpeth High Street on a Saturday. I Kind of did just as I was on my out of the main shopping drag opposite the Relate shop!!! Now I can walk away from most goodies but not a waistcoat - Black fitted, plain (- not the leather or special variety but a cheap one in good nick from the high street), a small jelly mould - just enough for 2.3! and a winter coat for 2.99 for Roo aged 4-5!! Full length, very pink made by........ barbie  - boooo (Am not a fan of the out of proportion plastic moulded thing with a waist the same width as her neck!)  Couldn't turn it down though -  in too good  condition! It has barbie written on the back and on the front. I have a cunning plan however to tart it up ( as if it needs tarting up with that name on the back!)  Daisy, flower and other style girly  patches!!!!  I have a goodly while to find said customising items at a reasonable price - very very cheap other wise could have bought a coat from primarni new!!! And if I don't it will be fine for playing and daycare and getting grubby!!!!

Waistcoat - 3.49. Cheaper than the ones I saw on ebay with postage which were nonetheless equally plain and black and nowt to shout about. Dinky knobbly jelly mould 1.49 and coast 2.99!!!  Put away for next year.

Have managed one of the work tasks, have a few more to do - OK 2 items to put onto a database online and then an article to read and make notes on and a skeleton job application to draft! (I have a hand written application to complete! Boooo much prefer online.) 

My left leg is missing, my heart beats slower with a dull thud- I miss her lots. She didn't want to leave me this morning and has been saying that she does not like her dad's girlfriends son. He is about 7, her half sister is also there and is 7 as well. She has an older cousin 9ish who often goes over as well. The entire crew were there today which is nice in a way but they are older than her and I think they get a bit tired of the small one spoiling their grown up games. I know that the kids will be left to amuse themselves while the adults do adult stuff- watch telly and smoke fags. I hope she is OK. Time will tell. She comes back tomorrow at 5pm. Sigh
I know he was going out to work and leaving her with the entire crew of kids and his girlfriend. He  was outside with his work van and in work clothes. Shame - he only sees her every other weekend for approx 30 hours and she spends 12 of them asleep ( OK closer to ten as she sleeps light)

OK I look for excuses not to work!!!!!!!!! Biggles back tomorrow afternoon. Mother Biggles liked her birthday pressie from us and from Roo and the cards. All good. Now I really really must get on!!!