Sunday, 21 August 2011

I hate women!

Grrr Another thing to add to the list!! Well some women- the type that stick their noses in where it is not needed. The SD has a girlfriend - has hadd one for a while. Not a problem till she starts making demands re access. Sperm Donor never that bothered before he had little miss house frau to keep his kids amused. Used to drop them off at his mothers. now that there are two old harridiens wanting her time things have changed.

This weekend.  Weeny Girl was asked  on a play date. As it was the Sunderland Newcastle Derby I  suggested taht she not go for the full weekend only Saturday. HE would not be their anyway. He bleated on and I talked her out of it and into wanting to go to his.  Felt bad as I thought her sister would be there. Anyway turns out she wasn't and was on  holiday. I felt a little agggreived by this. Asked who was looking after her. No reply. Anyway got very annoyed.  Sent some accusatory and insulting text messages. No reply went to pick her up. The girlfriend stuck herr nose in and threatened solicitors etc etc as 'everything seems to happen on her weekend' Err no parties and invites just happen. Anyway after being threatened will not be taking weeny back till he comes round here and we discuss things.  She is not threatening me again or judging my parenting.

Just not going to happen. Sorry to be a bitch but will fill up weeny's time with exciting things and playdates on purpose now.

He never bothered before she turned up and that suited me. If he was parenting fine but this is driven by her and I outrank her when  it is his weekend and he is not available as he has work or a season ticket or social event. I work all week and leave her mon- fri = 8am - 6pm. Time is precious and the girlfriend can take her place at the back of the queue.

Not happening again.  What should I say to weeny if she asks why??? I am split between tempered honesty and just putting it off and saying he is on a long holiday?? How about the temered honesty - Lorraine doesn't like mummy and its best that we don't see each other.  Daddy loves you vey much though he can't see you at the moment.  One day he will come and play with you at your house??? Dunno it really doesn't sit well not letting her see her Dad.

They can do solicitors - I can't get one can't afford it. He will as he is seelf employed and will cook the books and get legal aid. I have been told just to ignore most of it- speak to caffcass when needed. Court not an option as I cannot get a babysitter or cannot get  the time off work.

She will do it I get that feeling. 

am going to pay up tomorrow and get house on market with alternative solicitors. Have had enough - bloody bitch - go have her own baby with him. FFS!