Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth hour and other stories!

Well we have  cleaned out and re organised the shed, a couple of  drawers and a cupboard in the kitchen and planted anything salvageable from the tubs to the garden in prep for the planting of seeds! Carrots, cauliflower, kale,  I like my garden, pottering, planting, barbecuing - its nothing to shout about but considering it was a postage stamp of mud it has plants and flowers and shrubs and grass and bushes and hanging basket things. I am not a patient gardener more of a chuck it in and hope for the best type.  In the name of frugaldom I am removing the flowers form the planters/bucket type things and replacing them with food!! I would plant in the ground but I have a cat turd problem so would prefer the edible stuff to be a bit removed.  The weather changed before we could get any  finger painting accomplished so we retreated inside and made dens till Biggles called in for Thai green chicken curry which we stuffed our faces on - all of us! Roo is fond of spice not too hot but flavoursome! Got prepared for Earth Hour - tea lights, story time and she fell asleep.  Yes it was a bit late but I thought it would be fun with the candles and stuff.Still a fair few lights on around - I checked the street - which is a shame - Am sure the awareness raising will grow albeit slowly!!! Its only an hour - read, sing, dance, bath by candlelight - bake ,  Its only candlelight and think about how you can save energy good for you pocket and as a bonus good for the earth! Lots of other things you can do by candlelight some say it could even be romantic! No luck as Biggles was off home as is on early's tomorrow
( double early's given the hour we loose for the clocks.)

Pork Sundays dinner tomorrow with white sauce and the usual trimmings. I am tempted to go booting tomorrow but I cannot justify it in petrol or spends or needs... just wants. Hmph - maybe the cupboard under the stairs may get a good going over after the joys of house work, hoovering, brushing, dusting and washing the floor not to mention horrid horrid evil ironing!!!!

Making dens! I am not precious with furniture!

Little windy spot of pennies!

I have some expenses from my  court experience - only £41 but if I add this to my pot of £39 I can afford a new divan base to be delivered all in  for £70. one of the hassles of living in the country being that you need to factor in delivery.  I am desperate for a bed base given the frame that I have is on its last legs given age, use and a bed bouncing child!!!

There is a headboard I  have my eye on  for £5 on ebay! See what happens eh- its only in Newcastle.  My freecycling attempts  to get a king size bed base or frame have failed on several  occasions and I am now getting desperate. I could go for another frame and save the space under the bed but risk developing an annoying squeak thanks to  the jumper roo weeny girl. She loves a bounce!!! They always sneak in when you are not looking !!!

Not a bad  start to the weekend!!!

I really need to get into Ebay as well. Have a car boot provisionally arranged with my chum (s) for a weekend in May so am stock piling for that. Will also do enviroclothes again  once the sister has gone through the old clothes pile!!!

A cheery Eeek off to get grubby in the garden!