Monday, 28 November 2011

Another week.....Solicitors....

I have a house! I can move in 19th December. I just need the soddin lawyer to get their act together. I shall hassle tomorrow!!!

Other than that good news the weekend was quietly busy lol.  After swimming and party weeny girl had a melt down of epic proportions so we did not go out for tea nor did we go to the Christmas lights.  Her punishment for the horrible behaviour trying to hit anyone who got in her way after not getting her way was no treats and time out.

I coached B in the art of making curry! just easy ones using makway sauce! He needs the practice.  One large chicken breast, a pepper, onion and some added spices and we were good to go! Dead easy and simple and he done good!!! 

Sundays dinner we went for chicken and bacon lasagne - with loads of veggies to pad it out some raw spinach and salad bits.  Made enough for the three of us and four meals to freeze. not bad for one chicken breast and six slices of bacon plus and the left over veggies - pepper, onion, sweetcorn, carrot, peas.

Was lazy tonight and we had sandwiches for tea and cheese on toast with some pepper and onion chopped and placed under the cheese for B.

Am pondering podiatry.... there is a course at \New College Durham and if I could get a house exchange before it starts and if they will have me on the course it may be a possibility..... I shall have to wait and see.

Something to investigate - on strike on Wednesday - day with the small one and Biggles who is on leave before his big job move!!!