Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn and Winter events.

Well events time it is! The Autumn/Winter season is so busy! I include Jan and Feb in this as its invariably cold. At least I get to turn the heating off in Feb- thats my goal anyhow.

Halloween and Samhain - trick or treating and the Halloween festival in town. We decorate the house and do crafty things as well

Bonfire Night - Firework etc We do the display thing or if Weeny is away we go for a curry!!! Biggles treat bless him. He is gorgeous. We buy some fireworks too just for Weeny.

November - Armistice Day  We go to church being of a military pursuasion what wiv having Biggles in our lives and thankful that he has returned from a warzone twice. Nice way to remember my father as well given he was navy 1940-46 as well as the other sacrifices made by so many in two world wars and other conflicts since.

Biggles Birthday Early December,. Special meal and dessert. His choice. Mayne cheapo pressie

Winter Solstice -I aim to do all the xmas baking this day. Try to have a fire.
Xmas - Will explain in more depth in later post

New Year and my Birthday - Quiet

January - Weeny's Birthday. She wants her party at the Animal Sanctuary this year. Costly. My house is too small to host anymore than two or three kids at one time. No big space for parties.

All hush till Valentines and the giving of tacky horrendous bad taste gifts for under a fiver preferably less and bad cheap cards or make one.