Thursday, 26 May 2011

Quick post............

No more money drama's. Will check email at some point. Too tired tonight - weeny girl asleep since before 7pm  - fell asleep on the sofa. 

Pay day today so off to pay for the car tax £130 sodding quid.  Other than that - a bread drama!!!!
First time in ages I purchased a loaf of sliced long life wholemeal ( Tuesday) opened it today to find that half of it was covered in mould.  Weeny girl wanted cheesy toast so had to use it - the non mouldy bits what do you think I am!!!  Would take it back to Morrison's if I hadn't. Oh well will have to get on with home baking!!!  I should for the sake of my thighs leave the home baking for a while or keep it for special occasions!!

Am 10stone 10 sometimes 10st 8 so it is creeping down a little bit - 9st 10 would be fine Ihave decided. When in my 20's it was 8st 10 as the ideal weight but we live and learn and get older and need a more comfortable arse to sit on after another 9-5!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have been disgusted with myself for ''letting myself go'' ha ha ha

My mission is to keep the house in a reasonable state so that I can wash the kitchen floor at the weekend!!!

Am watching Three in a bed - the programme about the  Bed and Breakfasts - super funky Snooze in Brighton - lots of vintage but a bit too pricey for me!!!  I  prefer bothy's, hostels and tents the odd caravan and late rooms for splashing out!!!