Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday monday...Caterpillar decimation!! Help!!!

Back to Monday - and we are in bed for 8.30pm. I cannot get madam to bed much earlier. Given that we need to be up early this is pants for her. By the time we get in its often getting  towards seven oclock. Tea, a few chores, Scooby Doo and bath and its after eight already...  She is in my bed tonight as we were super late and she wanted mummy time. Biggles on lates so we are  back to our own houses till camping on Friday.

Nabbed some bargains and purchased this weeks shop with extras for £30.

Best bits were the yellow stickered cut price bargains. When we shop after work  its late. I pick up weeny girl at nearly 6pm so quick food is purchased for tea. This week we got mini burgers 6 for 35p, a deli Italian meal thing to make for 35p  - chicken, fresh pasta, rocket, cherry toms and pesto sauce -  followed by strawbs, kiwi. The left over pasta is tomorrows lunch. Got some flat breads flavoured with sun dried toms as well for 29p each and garlic bread  - all for the freezer.

My red currant bush ( edible) is being decimated by tiny caterpillars. Do any budding gardeners or fully fledged gardeners know what I can do about the little buggers?? preferably something non chemical but at a push.... I do love my redcurrants, They make lovely sauce and fab sorbet!!

Laters - Glee is on and I have a penchant for  Puck ( toy boy !)