Monday, 18 July 2011

Sigh, shouldn't be this much of a mountain!

Well I need another blood test to establish if this is a one off or not. And have been ref to hospital. This may take too long for me and being the inpatient so and so I am have started to look at other options - private bloods, prescriptions etc. I shall only go as far as fertility drugs and that's it. B and bit disappointed - hasn't said so but I can tell.

Just my luck!!!! And I can't even blame that arse Cameron for this bit of bad luck.. no wait yes I can STRESS!!!!! House stress, job stress - he made the drastic Local Authority cuts and buggered the house market locally ( due partially to the cuts which has hit our area significantly. Biggest employer was LA.)

Better points - having gas fitted 29th July then work can begin asap and hopefully this will bring in more buyers.

I will have to fork out for an additional radiator in bathroom (£250 approx).   They will be used sparingly. I doubt it will be as cheap as £63 a month!!! And I will def scam for the best price for utilities.

After shopping weeny girl fell asleep in the car on the way home. I woke her up and she staggered to the sofa. Back to sleep. I put away shopping etc etc. No movement - put her to bed after removing shoes etc etc and is still asleep now - that's her for the evening.

Sigh I get to see so little of her it really is super bloody SHITE.