Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pit Stop!!!

Am really enjoying this planning stage at work for the student advice and mentoring service. My boss is lovely and very encouraging. Also happy that I can help with the pastoral fire fighting -I can deal with homeless teenagers and other crisis that  occur from time to time. gammon round split with weeny girl for tea with baked spuds and veg. She has fallen asleep in her clothes again. So up early again tomorrow. 

My house is horrendous and really needs tidying, cleaning etc with this weekends jaunts I may get back in on Sunday and hopefully get time to clean it and have a rest before Tuesday and work again. I am collecting my dear old demented mother and sister ( not demented) from airport and depositing in new care home. This involves a trip to Edinburgh then Ayr then Fife then back to Northumberland.  I may have some time the weekend of the Royal Wedding!!!!  Prob friday for cleaning and barbecue - will buy patriotic crap for Weeny girl as she has been learning about weddings at nursery and wants me and Biggles to get spliced. Ha we have both been spliced before and once bitten lol!!!!
This evening I fully intend on watching all the crap TV I have bt visioned. And may eat some choc and finish off a bottle of wine.
 April it is not maybe May ................ sigh lol